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My user page has been the most wanted page on the wiki for some months now, and, while I can't say I don't enjoy the attention ;), it was about damn time for me to write something here.

So, let's see, where do I begin? Well, I'm the player behind the nation of Constantinopolis and politics is my greatest hobby. I am a Christian and, in case you haven't noticed yet, a diehard communist. In NationStates, my RL views are represented by the Communist Party of Constantinopolis. The actual nation of Constantinopolis does not always represent my views (after all, the Socialist Party, not the Communist one, has won most elections), because I want it to be a realistic and believable nation rather than my perfect utopia.

As far as the other aspects of my real life are concerned, I'm not going to write down my life story here... but I can tell you that I'm Romanian, if you're curious where I'm from.

Also, I love cats.