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Hello. This is the user page for the player of Crimmond. I've RPed with many nations, though Crimmond and Baggera are the main two.


RPing is what I do for fun. I love it and would never want to give it up. I don't love following the crowds of fads though. I do when it suits me though.

Technology Boundries

These do not exist for me. I have interacted with nations that think electricity is a passing fad and others that have intragalactic fleets. Some call this breaking ettiquite and unstable RPing. My only concern in an RP is the story. Technology, species, sex, location... these are all parts of the RP, but the story you tell should never be dominated by any one of those things.


One of the most fun and difficult things to RP. I was involved in an war with a legend of NS, Automagfreek. And it was he, Steel Butterfly, The Brotherhood of Nod and the original Sniper Country that showed me what the best way to RP a war truely is.

As I state above, all the things that make up an RP are only supporting the story. The one, true goal of my wars is to make a story that you want to see made into a movie or a novel. If you can make the mind's eye see a war, you have succeeded, win or lose.

You can't do that by simply saying that a fleet or an army starts to flank a position, you have to involve people. A colonel, a general, a corporal, a grunt soldier making the flanking move. Without that... you might as well just RP a documentary.

Recent Happenings and Updates

I have overhauled Crimmond's page and added to Varchak's, after many, many, many months away from this place.

I've also semi-retired from NS. I plan a return sometime soon, but plans may change.