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Hello! Welcome to my user page.

Dymero is a nickname I have long used across the internet, and although I use it less now that I have in the past, I do still use it in a few places. In relation to Nation-States, my alter-ego Dymero Invisa (not actually my last name) is the emperor of The Empire of Invisionize.

Fast Facts

en This user is a native speaker of English.
fox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
win32 This user contributes using Microsoft Windows.
utc−5 This user contributes from the Eastern time zone.


  • Computers and Internet
  • Nation-States (duh) - Although I'm rather new so haven't gotten into RP as of yet.
  • Video Production
  • Reading

Non-NS Projects

  • AgoroDex Network - This is a project I work on with two other friends.
  • Dymersion - Personal Blog/Site
  • Invisionize - RL alter-ego to my nation, Invisionize is a popular Invision Power Board resource site.

Contacting Me

For NSWiki related discussions, please use my talk page, as information discussed there may be beneficial to the entire community. For other matters, feel free to email me at michael at invisionize dot com (with the proper substitutions).