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I am the creator of the nations F2B and Not F2B, and the founder of the region Fade to Black.

F2B was originally intended to be a nation controlled by direct democratic process in the original messageboard. After more than a year, people lost interest, but I have tried to continue the nation in the same character.'s messageboard software has been upgraded and the original threads are gone - unless you use the Wayback Machine: (first thread) (second thread).

Not F2B was created as a nation that I could experiment with, exploring different choices to those determined for F2B. Generally speaking, I think of it as a naturally social anarchist/collectivist society. It isn't so much opposed to capitalism or government as unsupportive or apathetic of them - a culture where these are completely alien concepts.

A NationStates region called Fadetoblack was founded by another member of the forums, and it was fairly well occupied for a while. Unfortunately, the founder's nation was eventually purged and the founderless region was invaded by griefers. Although the region was restored to the natives, some didn't return. When the founder again abandoned her nation, the few remaining nations moved to a region populated by Barbelithers to escape the possibility of a similar event. Eventually the Barbelith region dwindled to a few and became founderless, so I founded Fade to Black as a secure region for the remaining member nations.

I've written several articles in NSwiki. I hope you enjoy them.