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Nation: Green communities.




civil rights crease, political freedoms crease, economy

commerce budget crease, defense budget crease, education budget crease, healthcare budget crease, law & order budget crease, public transport budget crease, religion & spirituality budget crease, social equality budget crease, social welfare budget crease, the environment budget crease,

Automobile Manufacturing, Cheese Exports, Basket Weaving, Information Technology (IT), Pizza Delivery, Trout Fishing, Gambling, Book Publishing, Retail, Furniture Restoration, Door-to-door Insurance Sales, Uranium Mining, Woodchipping, Soda, Beef-based Agriculture, Arms Manufacturing

economic freedoms crease, political apathy crease, weather improves happiness crease, nudity level crease, intelligence crease, environment improves, tax rate crease, compassion crease, devoutness crease, government size crease, corruption level crease, economy crease, crime crease slightly, police funding crease, safety crease, subsidized industry, agricultural sector, unemployment, patriotism

Criminal justice system rigged?


Criminal Justice System Rigged?


After the acquittal of seditious writer Petey Zinger, the use of juries and informing them of their right to reject the prescriptions of the law has come to the fore.


Nations with political freedom >= good.

//Comment: the names given (changed slightly from real people and laws) are related to the issue.


[option]"It's not bad enough that we have these ignorant idiots on juries deciding who goes to jail and who goes free, now they want these boobs to ignore the laws?" screams radio talk show host @@RANDOMNAME@@. "What this @@TYPE@@ needs is to not only get rid of trial by jury, but to remove all those activist judges too! We'll be right back after these messages."
[effect] jury trails have been outlawed and progressive judges jailed
[stats]political freedoms decrease, civil rights decrease, law & order budget decrease, tax rate decreases, government size decreases, crime decreases, political apathy increases, corruption level increase, compassion decrease, no jury trails.

[option]"Informed juries are our last line of defence against corrupt lawmakers." says defense attorney Maggie Carter. "If juries are simply told to rubber stamp the decisions of the legislature and executive, we might as well not have them. Judges must tell juries about their right to judge the laws as well as the facts of the case before them."
[effect] juries are regularly ignoring laws and setting drug users and internet pirates free
Better would be "juries are regularly ignoring laws and setting charming or pretty people free"
[stats]political freedoms increase slightly, civil rights increase slightly, social equality budget increases slightly, crime increases slightly, political apathy decreases, corruption level decrease, safety decrease slightly, intelligence increase slightly, compassion increase, jury trails.

[option]"Instead of relying only on juries, the people should be allowed to repeal contentious laws via referenda at any time." says Edward L. Bush, spokesperson for @@NAME@@ line dancers for the banning of campaign contributions. "I can think of several initiatives to strike down some of the laws those in the capital have passed. Hopefully the voting public will at least read the laws before voting on them, unlike our politicians."
[effect] lawmakers are frustrated because new legislation is regularly struck down in popular referenda
[stats]political freedoms increase, civil rights increase slightly, education budget increase, social equality budget increases, government size increases, tax rate increase, crime increases slightly, political apathy decreases, corruption level decrease, safety decrease slightly, intelligence increase, compassion increase, initiatives, jury trails.