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Howdy! My name is Sam, also commonly known online as either HotRod or Tex. I'm 22 years old, 6'0" and weigh 230 pounds. My BMI rating has me at Obese, but no one who sees me would ever believe that I actually am. I am at most 10 pounds overweight, largely because I don't work out as frequently as I did in high school. I'm certainly not eating any differently than I used to, except maybe slightly smaller amounts because of a decreasing metabolism. Anyway, I have wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and a rather mediocre sense of fashion. My humor usually involves fun cultural references or facetious and flippant statements. I like the usual college student sort of fun; drinking, dancing, and doing those and other things with good friends. I also like long walks on the beach. Seriously.


I like roleplay, and have quite a few nations that I roleplay with. HotRodia and Texan Hotrodders are nations I frequently roleplay with on the main NS forums. I occasionally roleplay there with Patrynia (MagiTech/PastTech nation) and Solarasluma (FutureTech nation) as well. I used to roleplay fairly heavily with Guns n Whiskey in the region Wysteria, but have since retired that nation and moved it back to Texas. Accelerus is my latest UN puppet, and I'm still developing the roleplayed background for that one, both on the main NS forums and on the Gatesville offsite forum. Almost all of my nations have a roleplay story behind them, though some are just for fun, and I haven't listed those on the wiki since they're pretty much irrelevant here. Feel free to contact me on NS if you have a fun roleplay you would like me to participate in.


I'm considerably less active in gameplay than I used to be, but I still have interests there. I'm currently active in Texas regional politics as the Secretary of UN Affairs and the Texas Ambassador to Wysteria. I was an active member of the Texas Defense Force, and acquired a decent number of medals for my longtime service, but retired in the spring of 2006 because real life was taking too much of my time. I'm still interested in maintaining and improving Texas' international relations. I'm also very interested in improving the international image of Gatesville, a region that often gets a lot of bad press, and largely undeservedly, in my opinion. I'll admit my biases and say that I'm generally opposed on principle to dictatorial regional regimes like Francos Spain's famous rule in The Pacific, but I've always admired their efficacy and ability to reinvent and perpetuate themselves despite near-constant attacks.


I've been very active in the NS United Nations from very early in my NS career, and continue to be so. It started with watching the UN resolutions that came up for vote when I was starting out in Texas, and seeing that they were largely ill-conceived and not much in terms of the quality of writing, either. I voted AGAINST on nearly every resolution for a very long time, and as part of my involvement in Texas and my annoyance at the UN for violating national sovereignty for no good reason so frequently, I wrote a proposal to keep the UN out of legislating on capital punishment and took it to the UN forum. It was seriously in violation of the ruleset at the time, but the resulting debate and making connections with other UN players led to me increasing my activity there. After a while, Enn started the UNOG so the UN forum regulars, both past and present, could continue to keep in touch. It turned into a sort of "best of the best" club for the people most active and successful in the UN. I ended up being an Admin there, for various reasons. More time passed, and I refined my views and arguments for national sovereignty, and also wrote my first resoluton, Right to Self-Protection. Eventually, there were several pro-sovereignty voices in the UN forum, and there was talk of a coalition forming by Zamundaland. He started the coalition, but soon went inactive, for reasons still unknown to me. So I started the National Sovereignty Organization, a group based on the earlier coalition that had similar goals. The NSO has been rather more successful, and currently its membership has an impressive list of legislation under its belt. The first NSO resolution, and one extremely controversial with regard to its legality, was one I wrote, the United Nations Security Act. This was the third blatantly pro-sovereignty blocking resolution on the books since the UN Taxation Ban from the very early days. Many more have followed. Currently, I'm working in the UN with three nations; HotRodia my Mod nation, Texan Hotrodders my former infamous UN puppet, and Accelerus my current UN puppet that is active in Gatesville trying to further the sovereignty movement there.
Location: Indiana State University, IN, USA
Birthday: 3 August 1984
Major: English Education
Religion: Catholic (Practicing)
Relationship Status: Single
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