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This is the User page for Kedalfax, also referred to as Kedalfax/Audland.

Why Kedalfax/Audland? Because way back in the day, I belonged to the Simtropolis region with Kedalfax. Then I moved it to the IDU, replacing it in ST with Giotizia, which has since CTE'd. I wanted it to be clear that Giotizia and Kedalfax were both me, so I started referring to myself as Kedalfax/Giotizia. When Giotizia CTE'd, I replaced it with Audland, and thus Kedalfax/Audland was born.


I have a few other Internet aliases:

  • Simzebu on Simtropolis, ModtheSims2, and others
  • Kedalfax, Audland, The Sheridan Islands here, on NS, and Jolt
  • And a few others that I can't seem to remember right now.

Major Contributions


Here are the nations I've done cartography for.

I also maintain the map for Simtropolis, which can be found here.

I'm glad to do your cartography, if I have the time. Just telegram here.

NS History

Way way back in the annals (funny word, sounds like anal) of history (2005), a nation was founded. This nation was called Kedalfax.

I first noticed NS from a signature over at ST. I came over and started a nation. For a while I stayed in the Pacifics. Then I started a region, Upstate New York. When that became a miserable failure (I think the highest it got was about two or three members), I began looking for a new region. I found Simtropolis. I joined. On August 22, 2005, I found NSWiki, and started pages for Kedalfax and Simtropolis. I made a primitive map, which can still be seen in the history of Kedalfax's page. On August 23, 2005, I made my account here. I used my user page as a quick redirect to my nation. (I liked having the link right up on the toolbar there). On 1 September, 2005, I made the first regional map for ST, collaborated from existing maps of other nations. To this day, nearly 2 years later, I maintain the regional map.

In 2006, I made my first puppet, Giotizia. Originally, it was meant to be my IDU nation. But after I spent some time on the forums there, I decided to move my UN nation to the IDU. Giotizia became my only remaining connection to the region

Later in 2006, I made Brechenlass, meant to be a right wing messed up nation with plenty of problems. I put it in the IDU, figuring I already had a nation in ST.

In February of 2007, I created The Sheridan Islands, bringing my nation total up to 4. That one still exists. It is meant to be a right-wing tourist trap, somewhere for the rich Kedalfaxians to go on vacation.

In April of 2007, I let the first two puppets die out. The placement of Giotizia as an island nation in a stormy gulf made it easy to wipe out, and Brechenlass had always been on the verge of political collapse. The next month, I decided to start Audland, to restore my connection to Simtropolis.

Current Nation Status

I have three current nations:

  1. Kedalfax, the older brother. Founded 2005, redesigned Sept. 2006, probably another redo coming soon. Generally mirrors my own views as of '06, unlike my RL older brother. Some of my views have changed since then, but the nation remains mostly the same.
  2. The Sheridan Islands, the middle sister. Quite opposite to my RL sister, who's a far-left bleeding-heart liberal-hippie pinko-commie sarcastic-hyphenated other-term, this nation is right-wing, and that kind of racist that isn't mean about it, completely casual, I-don't-like-non-whites kind of thing.
  3. Audland, the youngest brother, like me. Started way out there left-wing, but I've been moving it more central lately. Now I think it may be closer to me than Kedalfax in quite a few spots.

Former Puppets

In my time in NS, I've had five nations. Two CTE'd: Brechenlass and Giotizia. Both CTE'd on purpose. I realised that the connection between the two and my main nation Kedalfax was too strong to let me make the nations truly individual. Also, it was more difficult than I'd thought to develop the two into what I'd wanted them to be realistically. So I let them CTE and made Audland, which has begun taking more ground on the main nation front. If I become tired of Audland, I'll probably re-re-do Kedalfax, rather than let it CTE. Historical reasons, you see.

Other Junk

I found NS through someone's signature over at []. Since then, I've founded four more nations, let two CTE, joined the IDU, and yet I still can't get a resolution to the floor. Oh, well.

My middle name is spelled with one of these things: ß in Germany. Kind of cool, actually.

My favorite authors include: Dave Barry, Carl Hiaasen, who just came out with a new book, Tim Dorsey, who will soon, and Douglas Adams. Unfortunately, it'll be hard for him to make another book. *awkward silence*