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Article Contributions

Under Marian

Under Constantina

Detailed List of Contributions

Look in here.

Cosmetic Contributions

Template Messages

Change of User Name

Username Changed Marian/Contributions was formerly (old username) until {{{date}}}.
The username was been changed because (reason).
This message can be safely deleted three months from the date shown, without causing too much confusion.

Sports Article Out of Date

Username Changed This sports article is out of date.
It most probably refers to a sports competition which has been completed, but has not been updated.
You can help by updating it with relevant information.

Planned Messages

This article is incomplete because it is pending further input from participants, or it is a work-in-progress by one author.
Please comment on this article's talk page to share your input, comments and questions.
Note: To contribute to this article, you may need to seek help from the author(s) of this page.

Banned for Life Message

Username Changed This user has been blocked from editing NSWiki.
The username was been changed because {{{reason}}}.
(see: block logcontributionsdeleted contributionspage movescurrent autoblocks)