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UN History

Author of: Ballast Water (co-author), Tracking Near Earth Objects, Needle Sharing Prevention, Good Samaritan Laws, Tsunami Warning System (co-author), Mitigation of Large Reservoirs
Co-Founder of: United Nations Association. United Nations Organizations

Personal information

  • Location: Davis, California, USA
    Occupation: Environmental Engineer (registered Civil Engineer) with the State of California responsible for water quality forecasting and working on water quality EIR/EIS documentation, and County Election Volunteer.
  • NS nations: Mikitivity, Intl Red Cross (puppet for International Red Cross Organization.
  • I can be found on the International Democratic Union, the North Pacific, the West Pacific, the NS Times, the IOC and the United Nations Organizations forums.
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"Mikitivity" and my first puppet state "Nickenstein"
  • In high school and college (years ago), I was active in Model United Nations programs and won several best delegate awards. My interest in NationStates started because of its UN simulation, but these days I like creating imaginary countries based on RL places I've been and things that are important to me (hence Mikitivity is about snow, water, trains, and very loud / politically motivated offensive music).
  • I like to travel a great deal, and have been to the following countries: US, Canada, Japan, England, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liecthenstein. I've also been to the UN headquarters in New York and Geneva ... I actually gave a speech in a private dinning room at the UN headquarters in New York related to the construction industry and environmental management.