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Tuesday, 2019-06-25 T 18:14 in UTC

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A little bit of Orioni

Who am I?

I am masterstudent of history at the University of Ghent, Belgium. With a lot of work to do on the computer and internet running all the time, I can regularly access NationStates and affiliated websites such as NSwiki. I think of myself as easy going and friendly, IC and OOC. My main interests are history, news, politics and internet. I don't like beer but can appreciate a good wine or a sweet cocktail, and my all time favourite meal since I was just a little kid have always been pancakes, so if you would ever want to surprise me.. ^_^

I started playing NationStates early 2004, when I had a lot of time again, after being dumped on Christmas Eve 2003. I read something about the game on a forum I frequently visit(ed) and got hooked. I haven't met any of my NS-friends IRL but I know that a couple of them live in my neighbourhood. Up to this moment, only three people in the whole of NS discovered who I really am (although I actually told one myself). I would like to preserve this anonymity, for now.

NationStates & Europa

I started out with the nation Orioni and soon after moving to the region Europa became UN Delegate. Besides being delegate, I am also an active member of the Europa Forum as role player, ambassador, defender and (since january 18th 2005) as administrator.

My first delegacy lasted for 201 days untill my main nation Orioni was sadly (and in my opinion wrongfully) deleted during the defence of the region Urbanites (december 2004). You can read about it on the NS forum: "Account deleted: Orioni" and "Inquiry into new precedent". This however did not stop me from playing NationStates. Days after the deletion, Orioni 2 stepped into the spotlight and became the new delegate. At the end of april 2006, I have been delegate for another 500 days.

For a while now, I've been wanting to to some real defending, but that's rather hard being a delegate. With the creation of a constitution for Europa and the building of a Senate, I hope to pass the delegacy on to a nation worthy of the function. Untill that happens, you can still find me in the spot I have been in for the last two year.

Most important created/maintained articles