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Tim Ell (Pacitalia)
Relationship Status: Long-term relationship
Sexual Orientation: Open-minded *wink*
Hometown: Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christian (part of the autocephalous Romanian branch, but I am also part-Greek and part-Russian and thus, I just say Eastern.)
Birthday: 3 February 1988
Age: 18
Education: In post-secondary
Occupation: Student / Starbucks barista / NSwiki Guru
NS Buddies: Sarzonia, Knootoss, Hamptonshire, Azazia, Praetonia, Sanctaphrax, Bedistan, Starblaydia, Sport (IRC channel) kids, Roach-Busters, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
AIM aimonline.gif: Pacitalia
YIM yimonline.gif: bluefox670
MSN msnonline.gif: bluefox670 at
IRC handles: Pacitalia, Pass-it-aal-ee-uh, LaRepubblicaAuranta, Paci[(action)]
E-mail: bluefox670 at
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