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I play the countries of Pantocratoria and Langeais. In real life I'm an Australian PhD student (studying computer science) with a keen interest in history and politics. I'm also a fan of roleplaying games, and have been playing tabletop RPGs for over ten years now.

Pantocratoria is a synthesis of two historical nations which hold the most interest for me - Byzantium and the France of Louis XIV. It by no means is representative of my personal or political beliefs - in fact, my own politics are fairly far apart from the nation I roleplay. In its original conception, Pantocratoria was meant to be a sort of bad guy country which didn't know it was bad. This concept fell away pretty quickly when I realised that there was already a whole bunch of religious whacko bad guy countries out there which not only knew they were bad, but revelled in their badness (yes, I know, all this excessive use of the word bad is bad). Instead it reverted to the immense, corrupt, bureaucratic state obsessed with its symbols and majesty which it is today.