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Marital Status Single, but give up, I do have a boyfriend
Hometown Hürth-Efferen
Religion Hanta-Inikresaist
Birthday 24 years after Michael Jackson's birthday
Age This is difficult, you could calculate, but who knows I didn't use time dilation to appear younger?
Occupation Student
rjt-4 he namin mi'ma 'hadada, 'visko ji dimil rejistaniha veka alte tani'he'ny.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
sql-2 This user is an intermediate SQL programmer.
java-2 This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
khtml This user contributes using Konqueror.
lnx This user contributes using GNU/Linux.

Resident Sport networm, Owner of Rejistania, Freak.

IRC-quotes about me:

< Lemmy> are you ever not in #wcc?

<+HFF> Gott, rejestania, senken Sie bitte Ihr denken, niemand können Sie jetzt schlagen, so, wo der Spaß dort ist

<+HFF> bitte denken Sie einfach an es etwas senken, nicht viel, um 10 Punkte kann sein,

<@commerceheights> The SWACH (Statwanking Association of Commerce Heights) has, after excessive amounts of reserach, announced its WC18 awards:

<@commerceheights> Best Offense: Rejistania (3.48 goals/game, 73 total)

<@commerceheights> Best Defense While Allowing At Least 16 Goals: Rejistania (0.76 goals/game, 16 total)

<@commerceheights> Most Consecutive Games Without A Loss: Rejistania (25: WC17 2R - WC18 Final)

<@commerceheights> Most Consecutive Wins: Rejistania (8: WC18Q MD14 - WC18 Final)

<@commerceheights> Best Rank: Rejistania (1)

<@commerceheights> Best Rank For A Team Matching /^Rejistania$/: Rejistania (1)

<@commerceheights> Most Bribes: Rejistania (5.12 * 10^18 TIY)

<@commerceheights> and, finally...

<@commerceheights> Worst Team: Rejistania (Rejistania 1-1 Commerce Heights)

<@commerceheights> (AS has the best defense, with 0.63 goals/game)