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Great Almighty Big "R", AKA Ruheria (with a soft 'g')

Ruheria is a new nation I created in NS, because I got tired of my old one - Ness Ziona! This account is for 2 people though - Me, Ruherian and Ness Ziona, and my friend who plays The Secular Resistance (DSRO), but he has no internet so he should bow to me! Haha! *leaves*

Meanwhile I'm Working on

An article about Ruheria, a short artice about Ness Ziona, a freaking 40,000 page artice about the DSRO, and an artice about the Greender language (spoken in Ruheria, Ness Ziona, and by 70% of the DSRO members). I'll probably try to write a bit about Ness Ziona's anti-DSRO campeign... I'll see how it works out.

Finally done