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The following has been taken from NSwiki:Why we blocked.

Block of

Sysop: Frisbeeteria

Reason: Per conditions of User:Syskeyia/Arbitration Order. This IP is identical to Syskeyia.

Date and time of blocking: 20:48, 30 Nov 2004

Time: 24 hours

Report: User edited Christianity repeatedly, including reference to RL Roman Catholic doctrine despite repeated warnings that this was in violation of the Arbitration agreement. After a long editing session on #nswiki, Knootoss, Syskeyia and Frisbeeteria ironed out appropriate NPOV language. Despite the agreed-upon language, user then went back and re-edited to his original language. Changes were reverted, user was banned, as per Arbitration Order.

Block of Syskeyia (15 December 2004)

Sysop: Frisbeeteria (Knootoss re-blocked due to failing of original block)

Reason: violation of arbitration banning RL references

Date and time of blocking:

Time: 24 hours

Report: Edits were reverted and the automatic 24 hour block was applied per NSwiki:Arbitration/Syskeyia. This was his second edit / reversion on this page in 24 hours.

Follow up: The Block User function does not appear to work. Both Knoot and I tried it. I have blocked Syskeyia's previous static IP address of in hopes that it will do the trick.

Since Syskeyia is either unwilling or unable to comply with the agreed-upon restrictions of NSwiki:Arbitration/Syskeyia, I intend to convene permanent ban discussions at User talk:Syskeyia/ban sometime later today. an escalated scale of progessively longer blocks at NSwiki:Arbitration/Syskeyia#Motion_to_reopen.

Once again, I have blocked Syskeyia's static IP address of, this time for a period of three months. He apparently thought that by waiting a couple of months, no one would remember his POV edits relating to Dignitatis Humanae. Given that he seems entirely unwilling to let this edit war go, I see no choice but to make a statement by banning for this extended period. → Fris Θtalk 23:32, 28 Feb 2005 (GMT)