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Hey, F2B! Welcome to NSwiki. When you get a chance, tell us a bit about yourself on your User page.

You can sign your name on talk pages by using "~~~" for your username and "~~~~" for your username and a timestamp.

Some useful pages that you might want to look over:

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Feel free to drop me a question on my talk page - I'll answer as best I can if I'm around, or refer you to somebody who can answer better.

Happy editing! → Fris Θtalk 02:35, 3 Dec 2004 (GMT)

User:Minineenee redirect

Out of curiousity, why did you add a redirect link from User:Minineenee to Minineenee? Is this a former account of yours? → Fris Θtalk 23:56, 12 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Um... obsessive compulsion? F2B 01:00, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

But more to the point, does this account relate to yourself, or is it that of another individual alltogether? — ℜechze|talk 01:27, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

I've redirected a User page to the page for that same person's nation. Why is that an issue? If Minineenee wants to write something more about hirself, s/he can always edit it.

Or maybe I'm Minineenee but don't want anyone to know... F2B 01:41, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

It has thus been left up to Minineenee. — ℜechze|talk 01:43, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Fair call. F2B 02:43, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Requesting deletion

If you wish to request a deletion of an article which means speedy deletion criteria, please do so by inserting a {{delete}} tag into the article. We will not notice edit summaries requesting deletion, even if you use all caps. Thank you. Gruen2alk 01:59, 3 December 2005 (GMT)

I put nowiki tags around the {{delete}}, because this page doesn't need to be in Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. ;) → Ceo\squawk 02:04, December 3, 2005 (GMT)
Ahem. Thank you. Gruen2alk 02:10, 3 December 2005 (GMT)
Yes, sorry we got momentarily sidetracked on your talk page. It was originally pertaining to one of your articles. Gruen2alk 13:32, 6 December 2005 (GMT)

Aram PoopmanAram Koopman

Would someone really commonly misspell that? I'm not convinced of the need of a disambig page. Otherwise, it should probably be deleted. Ceoranta 03:27, 16 October 2006 (GMT)

Agreed. I see no reason for it whatsoever, and it doesn't exactly set a good precedent. I'm deleting it. It can easily be restored if (which is highly unlikely) there's a large consensus for it. Aridd 11:17, 16 October 2006 (GMT)
Well, I have known Aram since high school, and for years I thought his surname was "Poopman". Everyone in high school called him "Poopman". I'm sure there must be others who have made the same mistake. --F2B 13:46, 17 October 2006 (GMT)
As the player behind the character, I can assure you this is not the case - Knoot not logged in