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Reversion of "NationStates" Article: Don't you think a link to the NationStates Wikipedia article would be wise? They link to us. --Athamasha 02:41, 1 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Re: Welcome to NSwiki and Christianity article: Thanks very much for the welcome to NSwiki - I've actually been creating a lot of stuff about my nation for the wiki already, and I thought it was time I started an account. I don't intend to rush in and edit the Christianity entry, don't worry. I changed "Imperium of Pantocratoria" to "Holy and Most August Empire of Pantocratoria", but I wasn't going to go and change anything else. I do think that the language is a little over the top in places, however, and I think it can be made more neutral without dumbing it down or flat out removing a lot of the points. But, it isn't my article. ;) Anyway, thanks again for the welcome to NSwiki, I think NSwiki is fantastic, and I will continue to add my own articles and to enjoy reading the articles of others!

You read my mind about the Regions List. ;) Pacitalia 06:26, 1 Dec 2004 (GMT)

I am sorry for any inconveniance, I thought it was readable, my friend and I were just trying to scheme all the Nations in our region the same. If you could help me please do. Thanks. Kontrosena

I was wondering if you could help me resize the banner, I don't know how to resize in wiki (only HTML) is there anyway I can change it a little bit so that I can use some more HTML. Kontrosena
Yes but that is the flag, If you could help us out, we would appreciate it, we would like if your nation joins GCON. Kontrosena
Could you help with our nation pages then. Kontrosena
go for it and I am sorry i was just trying to help you out. but go for it. Kontrosena
Why did you delete my message I got a problem with my link I need you to check out for me. Please. Tyrantis

Constantinopolis shouldn't provide arguments for his NPOV statements about calculators, he should just STFU. Any reference to capitalist bias is unaccaptable to me and I will not play along with his delaying and wearing down tactics. Any subjective qualification of Sunsets (or other) calculators is out of line as they are blatantly political statements. -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 18:21, 3 Dec 2004 (GMT)

I'm glad to know where you're standing, Knootie. The next time we have a NPOV dispute, I'll keep in mind the fact that you act as if you own the wiki, and anyone who disagrees with you "should just STFU". -- Constantinopolis 14:07, 5 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Thanks for the help on the SMS entry. I had to add the 'return' on each line, so the spaces ended up at the beginnings of the lines. Thanks for the infobox, too. Appreciate all you must do here.

I am not Kontrosena however he is a friend of mine (I know he can get annyoing),but the problem I am having is that the link is coded right however it says it isn't. It is on my nations page so you should notice it. (sorry I couldn't reply sooner I've been sick)Tyrantis

I am sorry for all that...We can get carried away sometimes. We RP constantly, and all this is part of a on-going story that has been going on for over a year. It's the first time we've been able to put all of it in writing. My friends kinda dragged me into this, but I speak for all of us when I say that we will be reading the rules and suggestions through and through. Thank you. Pyrus
Sorry. I go by Pyrus in almost everything I do, RP or not. Sorry. Population
I created an account awhile ago. The username is Pyrus. If you could msg me using that, it would be great. Thank you.

Fris- thanks for the minor edits on my Country's page. Cleaned up the region name quite nicely (wasn't sure how to do that. I'm new to this Wiki thing) Columbica 20:15, 7 Dec 2004 (GMT)

again, thanks for the tips and hints and advice. I know I'm screwing up at first. thought I had a handle on things but apparently not. Still need to work on finalizing the factbook, but I culled out some of the pages where I went overboard and just created small ones - got rid of those and kept just the ones that I think I will be updating and stuff. - thanks, Jason - a.k.a. Columbica 15:24, 8 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Likewise, thank you for the advice. — ℜechze|talk 04:25, 9 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Thanks for your welcome message - I'd contributed to a few pages already but I'd only just noticed the username links in the top right of the page. Mozilla's tabs seem to steal the attention. Oh well. Thanks again, IdioC 12:18, 9 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Much appreciate you fiddling with the link to bad it still doesnt work, but I am not worried about it as long as the external link works and it doesnt start doing it on my other works. Thankyou! Nevermind thankyou for fixing the problem I will try and watch Kontrosena some more sorry for his meddling. Tyrantis

What R U Talkin About????? It was the first tim I have ever put that in there, if you want you can add that to hardware. MstSage

I'd like to add my thanks for helping me make good pages as I get used to everything here. It's really appreciated. --Nevareion 19:01, 9 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Thanks for the pointing out my Swahili issue and correcting it, I wasn't able to find anything on how to add a language correctly, or maybe I did not search correctly, or my comprehension level just svcks.. I will use the term noob as an excuse for now, It won't cut it anymore though.  :)

Merci beacoup monsieur. The tables irked me to no end. Treat yourself to a Pastry. --Fodian Federa 00:20, 10 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll be uploading the image to my regular webspace now; I was just too lazy to upload it again the last time. ;)

I haven't had much time lately, so I hope you won't delete it yet. I need some actual time to move things around; but thanks for categorizing that stuff. >> Pacitalia 06:00, 11 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Since I have no Idea how to do it, , , In the Loop page there is a bit saying "the Great architect carved Loop from the rock face of NS on 1/25, , ," can you link the words Great Architect of the Universe to the normal WIki entry for Freemasons? Thanks Loop.

Re:Teh great Kazham- That action was based upon this excerpt: On the other hand, overuse of sub-headings should be avoided, as it can make the article look cluttered. Short paragraphs and single sentences generally do not warrant their own sub-heading, and in these circumstances it may be preferable to use bullet points or bolded text instead. Sincerely, — ℜechze|talk 23:38, 13 Dec 2004 (GMT)

In regards to Henrytopia, I had not deleted all copy-pasted data, but mainly details which were unnecessry, generally repeated within the article, eg: the population (in the infobox) was also placed in a facts section at the bottom of the page

Sorry 'bout that - I only learned of the existence of an NS XML feed a short while ago, and haven't yet learned how to read it and integrate it into the wiki entry.

But currently, most of my edits are either revolving around adding more information, or fixing mistakes and typos. Of course I usually take the opportunity to update the stats as well when I make those edits. ;) Arancaytar 16:28, 14 Dec 2004 (GMT)

I am not aware - This is the first I learned about the copy-pasting issue. I have been minor editing but only the Region page, not Henrytopia. Shoot me a line and let me know if there is something happening so I can try and monitor it as well? I noticed a couple of messages above that someone had posted in reference to it though. Thanks! Henrytopia

poor recent changes list - Poor recent changes list... first I go on a language spree and then you go on a rl-stub spree. Or are you trying to catch up with number of edits again? *foul grin made in jest* -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 17:28, 15 Dec 2004 (GMT)

reverting revolting reverts - Thank you. Sys reverted your revert, so I reverted it agin. This has got to stop. -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 20:06, 15 Dec 2004 (GMT)

motion to reopen arbitration case - My objections are not about permaban. They are about procedure. In the interest of publicness I have placed my formal objections here and I hope that you agree: NSwiki:Arbitration/Syskeyia#Motion_to_reopen -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 15:32, 16 Dec 2004 (GMT)

New Flag - Ok, Fris. I got a new flag and I don't know where to get the code to update it from. Where do you get it? Crazed Marines 02:50, 17 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Took care of it. And thank you for the compliment, but I didn't make it. Tiborita made it for me over the International Mall. He does some pretty good work. Crazed Marines 16:53, 18 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Bostopia Factbook - Yep, they're all mine, thanks a lot DaveBoston 18:17, 20 Dec 2004 (GMT)

n-stub purpose - I can understand the reasoning behind this, especially after going through so many nation pages. For many it can be apparently seen that they were created by another user than that specific nations possessor. One relevant example is the nations with and previously in government posts in the region Canada, I have seen so many (I would estimate ten), of these nation whose only descriptor is (one or two short sentences) stating what their government position was/is in Canada, when this could with ease be placed on the Canada article due to the length and utter relevance of the descriptions to the region. Furthermore, some reasonably well known nations have had empty or virtually empty articles created for them. I can thus see the need to purge the category of articles of which it does not seems will be supplemented in the future. (likeness to ranting) Rechze(talk) 03:45, 21 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Factbook subcategories - I'm sorry for creating any hassle for you. With the number of articles I was thinking of writing (not many, but still a sizable amount) it seemed a good idea to be able to take my Monarch pages out of the category for Falastur to keep it better organised and easier to negotiate. I very much base the workings of my pages off what I have seen on the main Wiki site. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. You may delete it now if you so intend.

And you are right. Most of my pages have little to do with what I RP on the forums. But then, I have written a comparatively small amount compared to what others have written, and yet I have not before seen a sysop asking any of them whether the information they have written is relevant. Furthermore, examining the page NSwiki, Goobergunchia said that this site "...strives to serve the NationStates community by providing useful content and a historical record that will serve all NationStatesers..." It also says that "...NSwiki is an open content encyclopedia of all things related to NationStates..." Now maybe I interpreted wrongly. Maybe I misunderstood, maybe that was mere wording, and actually we are only supposed to put up general information that is directly useful to us and linked to our RPs, but when I came to this site and read that page among others, I got the idea that this was for free exchange of background information - a site where I could develop the history and inner workings of my country, and let others read about it at the same time. I have no objection to your deciding that some of my writings are irrelevant - it is perfectly within your right - but I would have prefered it if I knew it was irrelevant so I could have restrained myself before writing it.

I apologise if this came over as ranting, whining, or generally speaking in an impolite manner. I hope I didn't, I certainly didn't intend to, but over textual conversations it is not easy to show which expressions you are using. All I can say is that you asked me to think about your statement and respond with comments, and that is what I have done. Falastur 13:57, 22 Dec 2004 (GMT)

(I won't repeat your reply because I don't want to use up too much space). Fine. In future I will try to avoid making sub-categories. But could you please clarify whether you would prefer I stopped writing background articles for Falastur or not? In your first message, you said they weren't revelant to the wiki. In your second message, you said they were. Not to pick nits or be a pain in the backside, but that confused me a little.
Thanks again. Falastur 14:33, 22 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Re: nesting - Normally, I'd say that you are correct. However currently Agencies are defined as:

A links database for Agencies, Organizations, Associations, and Administrations. These are institutions set up for a particular purpose, other than profit.

Which includes political parties. What I'd like to have is some sort of category that covers, well, "domestic" organisations like unions and shit (excluding corporations and states). With the current def. this one qualifies best. Open to suggestions about another cat. though. -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 13:09, 23 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Alliance - Hey, I was thinking, maybe the classificaitions in the Alliance entry could somehow be linked in the alliance infobox? Or at least a link to the article? (Like the calculators are linked in the national entries). That would be a bit more efficent then linking the word 'alliance' in every single article. -- |Knoot|KNOOtalk 17:14, 27 Dec 2004 (GMT)

IPs and Usernames - Is there anyway you can attribute your IP address to an account you've made subsequently to obtain credit for the modification? I was before I realised I could make this account... any help would be gratefully received. IdioC- ðtalk 22:40, 28 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Tables - "You've used Template:Infobox Character on a couple of articles (Kuruinin Tapeworm, Kuruinin Karierbaag) that aren't characters. I'm glad like the table format, but you should copy the table code from the template rather than using the template itself."

Understood and being acted upon. IdioC- ðtalk 00:03, 29 Dec 2004 (GMT) UPDATE: Have corrected - get back to me if there's something else at fault. IdioC- ðtalk 18:22, 30 Dec 2004 (GMT)

"Now, concerning Category:Kurui: Categories are not articles (there is a help article about this, but I can't put my finger on it right now). There should be at most one or two lines of text in there, possibly linking to one or more articles, and best with no graphics. What it should not contain is a description of the articles in the category. You can click for that. Feel free to copy relevant portions to your main nation page or something like that, but please take that massive graphic and text description elsewhere. Again, thanks. → Fris Θtalk 23:09, 30 Dec 2004 (GMT)"

Argh! You people and your demands! Fine, I'll make it a seperate page. I just felt it looked a tad dull, tis all. You only have one wish left though. Heh. IdioC- エドノ狂いtalk 18:47, 31 Dec 2004 (GMT) UPDATE: Have moved the material in question to a new page called "Introducing Kurui" and I've already added it to the Kurui category. I hope this is acceptable - if you have any more problems with the pages, don't hesitate to drop me a signed line. IdioC- エドノ狂いtalk 18:56, 31 Dec 2004 (GMT)