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I removed a duplicate article, Ilek Vaad. I left Ilek-Vaad, as that matched up with an actual NS nation. Please read the articles below for useful tips on page moves, nation editing, and other useful items.

Also, your primary nation article is very long. You might consider formatting it into sections, or breaking it into more than one article. You had sections, the headers just weren't obvious at first. I added wiki code to make them stand out better. → Fris Θtalk 21:43, 19 Jan 2005 (GMT)


Hey, Ilek-Vaad! Welcome to NSwiki. When you get a chance, tell us a bit about yourself on your User page.

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Some useful pages that you might want to look over:

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Feel free to drop me a question on my talk page - I'll answer as best I can if I'm around, or refer you to somebody who can answer better.

Happy editing! → Fris Θtalk

Thanks for your help, I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing when I first made the page, I just simply wanted to fill the space until I could edit it. Your help is greatly appreciated and I have been adding to and keeping this all as organized as possible and up to date with what is actually going on in NS.