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Kaukolastan, we were discussing Categories in #nswiki yesterday, and decided simpler was better in a lot of cases. There is a general category called Hardware that Tahar Joblis has been using as a catch-all for all weapos, armor, and tech. Do we really need all the different categories for weaponry? Join us on IRC if you can and discuss it. -- Frisbeeteria 11:52, 7 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Hey K-Stan, step onto IRC for a minute ... and stop adding categories while we're discussing dispute levels, please - Frisbeeteria 04:02, 8 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Weapons topics

I don't mind the articles - don't get me wrong, I'm for adding as many articles as you can. I just don't see the need for all of the categories - I think that [[Category:Weapons]] is sufficient. I wouldn't mind a centralized listing page that could subdivide the weapons by type, though. --Goobergunch|? 16:17, 8 Oct 2004 (GMT)


I have added Character Infoboxes to a number of your Characters. You are under no obligation to keep them, but they are a handy quick-identifier of Character pages. These are the most flexible Infoboxes yet, with four captionable user-set fields. Any unused fields will simply disappear as long as you leave the Template space blank. Click my Talk link if you have any questions or comments. Frisbeeteria Θtalk 17:12, 12 Oct 2004 (GMT)

I just saw a way for you to organize all your weapons without having to create multiple categories.

If you create page names separated by a slash, then you have a heirarchical structure that you can link from within the prior pages just by using /name. It also automatically creates backlinks for you. For example:

  • SAG Weapons
  • SAG Weapons/Handguns
  • SAG Weapons/Handguns/Model 100
  • SAG Weapons/Handguns/Model 200
  • SAG Weapons/Handguns/Model 300
  • SAG Weapons/Handguns/Model 400
  • SAG Weapons/Automatic Rifles
  • SAG Weapons/Automatic Rifles/AR-15
  • etc, etc.

See NSwiki:Arbitration/Syskeyia/Proposed_decision for an example. Frisbeeteria Θtalk 04:04, 27 Oct 2004 (GMT)