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Knootian national archive.

Good day, wanderer, and welcome to this rather dusty and far-out spot of the Knootian National Archive. Here you will find the dump of archived wiki messages. You will find this section lacking in completeness as initial talk page messages were not archived, but I can assure you that all the more recent events are there for you to read! Unfortunately, the user of this archive does not get as much fanmail as Frisbeeteria or Goobergunch so they are not divided up in months. I hope you will find what you are looking for.

Nota Bene

Those are some nice healthy interests you have there. HEWC Approved!

--Holy Empire of the Water Cooler 12:49, 23 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Knoot, I finally looked at Menelmacar. You wore yourself out on some of that editing. Have a look at Definition Lists - would have made it a lot easier on some of them. Frisbeeteria Θtalk 15:14, 23 Oct 2004 (GMT)

NS Encyclopedia entries

Knoot, all that stuff that you copied from the NationStates Encyclopedia (mostly As and Bs) the first couple of days is just clogging up Category:Roleplaying. Since it doesn't seem likely that the owners are going to drop by anytime soon, and since you're usually the sole Author, and since you also happen to be a Sysop ... how about Speedy Deleting them and let the author recreate as desired. If I edited any of them, it was to add Category:Roleplay as a minor edit, and I hereby officially disavow my actions. Delete away. Frisbeeteria Θtalk 03:01, 29 Oct 2004 (GMT)

[23:02:34] <@Fris> Goober, does that still meet speedy delete qualifications?
[23:04:23] <@Goobergunch> aye
[23:04:29] <@Fris> good enough
[23:04:30] <@Goobergunch> minor categorization counts don't really count
--Goobergunch|? 03:05, 29 Oct 2004 (GMT)

Quebrada's Wars: A reply from the great, superior, excellent, capitalistic, prosperous republic of Quebrada.

Knoot, Quebrada does NOT godmod. In Quebradan slang it is called cheating. When quebrada goes to war, we fight with honour and prestige (Also we believe in destroying our rivals)In Quebrada we spend some of our budget researching how we can fight war better without suffereing heavy losses or dying of disease during war, etc. Also, real countries have fought back at us (Hence the name Quebrada's Horrible Wars). I have said over again that the quebrada war pages will be filled with text describing the wars, but the NSwiki takes some time to load and takes up a lot of my spare time-so people will have to wait if they want to read about Quebrada's era of Imperialism. I will start filling in those page tommorrow.

  • Yeah, the content of the KIST talk page sunk in after I'd already done the automatic wikifying in MS Word. Then I figured, "what the heck, Knoot can always revert it," so I left it done.
  • Knoot, Quebrada does NOT godmod. - wow, I'm convinced.
  • NS Encyclopedia entries - you gonna wipe these, or do I need to do the {inclusion} thing and wait a couple of weeks to clean it all up? → Fris Θtalk 15:58, 1 Nov 2004 (GMT)

I'm moving some of the offending entries to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. Since you are the 'author', you can speedy-delete them. → Fris Θtalk 16:18, 1 Nov 2004 (GMT)

CACE edits

Knoot: I do not feel that my edits to the CACE page were meant to be rude to Rezo, to remove a NPOV addition, or to 'defend' CACErs. I feel that his edit added awkward sentence construction and something that could very well be taken as inflammatory. I did try to leave the sense that CACE is not a completely open book while simultaniously removing the parenthesis, which I believe was so long and relatively unrelated that it distracted from the entire point of the sentence.

Further, I'm not sure what point of the edit was - the sentence states (paraphrased) that "CACE believes itself to be an open book" not "CACE is an open book." That in and of itself suggest that there is a difference of opinion on the matter without having to resort to large, out of place notations. At no point was my intention to remove a NPOV addition - which, frankly, I do not think Rezo's edit was - but rather to keep the article grammatically sound and provide a middle group between black and white statements. I am sorry if this action offended you. -- Iansisle 00:46, 15 Nov 2004 (GMT)

I still don't feel that Rezo's edits were in keeping with the NPOV sentiment, but I will take the idea of 'dropping a note' to heart - it's a good suggestion, especially for myself (whom I like to picture as something of a mediator between the KIST and CACE - playing with fire is fun [and hot!]). Apologies to Rezo; I should have dropped him a line first. In the future, I will do so.

I have noticed that my edits have been undone, and I currently am not sure how that affects the situation. I might suggest that, in the spirit of talking and compromising, both sides sit down in the comments section and hammer out a compromise sentence rather than editing and re-editing. I have one in mind, which I am sure will please neither side, but I'll throw it up there anyway. *sigh* The life of a middleman <_<. Iansisle 01:21, 15 Nov 2004 (GMT)

Knootina you are a sexy sexy Dutch beast. That is not an official statement.

- From Australia

categories for Quebrada

Knoot, I deliberately didn't tie Quebrada's pages into the master category lists. His factbook is stuffed with materials that didn't actually happen in the NS world, so I didn't want to link them with the larger picture. Please don't add Category:Wars to his billions of godmode victories against real-world third-world nations. → Fris Θtalk

changing quebrada's politics

Knootoos why have you altered some of the political party pages WITHOUT my consent for? i have debated that what you have done could be vandalism (or you are a left-winger that dont like Quebrada's right-wing politics). those pages are Quebradan Politics not Knoot Politics and were fine as they were. i do not know who you are and i think you or fris have done it but i am still checking the recent changes page.

p.s. NLP stands for 'national liberal party' not 'nlp of quebrada'. p.s.s. i am not a godmodder. remember "It takes one to know one". i dont always fight real countries. i have fought ns countries as well. also the absurd claims that a user has made which is 'we are undefeated' is just plain silly-we have lost before-decisively.....godmodders never lose decisively.

Christianity page deletion

I will deactivate the link in my nation page. Thanks for the assistance

Knoot, are ya having fun linking every instance of the word liberal in the wiki? I hope you've got a whizbang article coming ... and I've got a bagful of NPOV notices standing by to add once it's posted. Just so you know. :: grin :: → Fris Θtalk

A Message from GCON

If you would like to help us with our region please send a message. → MstSage Θtalk


uh yes, my nick has changed a little, due to irresolution, but I think i will keep it at this for now, and let the others fall into disuse. And, no, I am not habitually active on #nswiki at all, and only a small amount on other nationstates channels. — ℜechze|talk 11:22, 7 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Not quite a buddy of Chimaea, just in the same region.

Might as well wreck everyone's day. → Fris Θtalk

Syskeyia permaban

Please feel free to start permanent ban proceedings at the red link I left on NSwiki:Why we blocked. I don't have time to deal with it until I get home. → Fris Θtalk 20:10, 15 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Before you make your case for ban versus arbitration, please see Wikipedia:Wikipedia:List of banned users. Three years, tens of thousands of articles, < 10 perma-banned users. We've already got one. Goob and I are talking about escalating series of lock times rather than a proper ban. How hard do you really want to push this? → Fris Θtalk
Fair argument. Responded. → Fris Θtalk

Re: Irritable Rah - be bold. Sure, write the guy, but go ahead and add an infobox while you're there. I keep the basic code as a saved note on my desktop, and just pop it in as needed. Leadership by example beats leadership by prodding IMO. IE:

{{Infobox_Nation |region=[[]] |capital= |population= |currency= |leader= | language= | map= | motto= | flag= }} :{{Infobox_Region |founder=[[]] |delegate=[[]] |pop= nations|forum=[ Forum] |}}

Category:Political parties

Category:Agencies - it belongs here also.

Try as I might, I can't figure out the rationale for this one. Political parties are Agencies? Or are Agencies political parties? In my view, Agencies are organizations within the government and working FOR the government, while political parties are outside the government putting only the winning or coalition members IN. I don't see a relationship at all, much less one that requires including one in the other.

Furthermore, I've tried very hard to not have unnecessarily nested subcategories. Both are members of Category:Roleplaying, so why is it necessary to nest one inside the other? → Fris Θtalk 12:58, 23 Dec 2004 (GMT)

Knoot Anti-Fan Club!

Knoot just sucks. His wiki's are thorough, descriptive, informative and enjoyable to read and THAT MAKES ME MAD. :p Join me in anti-fandom! Santa Barbara