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Hey, West Deutschland! Welcome to NSwiki. When you get a chance, tell us a bit about yourself on your User page.

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Happy editing! → Fris Θtalk 23:37, 10 Jan 2005 (GMT)

West Deutchland nation page

There are about a million red links in West Deutschland, most of which appear to be Wikipedia-type links to dates and real world events and nations. Could you go through and either link the to wikipedia ([[Wikipedia:2005|]]) or remove the 'free links' on non-NS items, please? We're not planning on duplicating articles that already appear on Wikipedia , nor are we adopting their date format in this free-form time environment ... so most of them will never work anyway.

Thanks in advance. → Fris Θtalk

you wrote, "Just did'nt understand weel what you wanted to say with 'form-free time' system. There are no references to dates? "

In some NS countries, 2005 takes a year of realtime to pass. In others, it might be over in a day. Since no one necessarily shares the same concept of time, we're not creating year and month and date pages. You can use any dates you want, just don't link them. → Fris Θtalk 12:38, 11 Jan 2005 (GMT)


... has all the links and servers you need. → Fris Θtalk 23:49, 11 Jan 2005 (GMT)