Vinyatírion Economic/Readiness/Intelligence Treaty of Allied States

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Vinyatírion Economic/Readiness/Intelligence Treaty of Allied States
Headquarters: Isasrach, Menelmacar/C'tan/Others
Members: 17 (members still ratifying)
Type: Full political alliance
Forum: Alliance forum

The Vinyatírion Economic/Readiness/Intelligence Treaty of Allied States (VERITAS) is an alliance of states that started as an initiative of the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar and the Eternal Necrontyr Empire of the C'tan. The treaty was officially signed in Fëanor Palace in the Menelmacari capital Vinyatírion.


Vinyatirion Military Pact

The Vinyatirion Military Pact is a mutual defence agreement. Signatories also agree to stand against terrorism.

Vinyatirion Intelligence Pact

The Vinyatirion Intelligence Pact has the aim of improving coordination between the intelligence agencies of signatories in order to provide mutual security from external threats. The contracting States share intelligence and agree not to undertake intelligence activities against each other’s governments. They will also inform others of any data they have available that may be useful to other contracting States. Terrorism is condemned, and states are to share information on terrorist activities with any other contracting State who may have use of it.

In addition, there is an 'extradition' element to the treaty module as states agree to work with each other to retrieve wanted criminals fleeing from one contracting State to another.It should not be possible to claim asylum in a contracting State from another and criminals whose crimes are committed in one contracting State must be repatriated securely to the State where their crimes were committed.

No contracting State is permitted to encourage acts of terrorism against any other State without extreme extenuating circumstances to be reviewed by the Excecutive Council. A distinction is made between terrorism, sabotage and espionage, whereby terrorism is defines as something only undertaken by non-governmental organisations.

Vinyatirion Economic Pact

The Vinyatirion Economic Pact promotes what it calls "mutual co-prosperity and economic freedoms", affirming a belief in the ideals of the free market for all nations and the free exchange of goods and ideas.

There are a number of demands that have to be fulfulled before one qualifies for membership. One must have an economy of ‘Powerhouse’ or better and be free of ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’ policies. More specifically, states must allow private property and the right to form business enterprises free from undue taxation or arbitrary nationalisation. The nationalisation of industries and services essential to the nation is only permissible to an extent to be ruled on in individual cases

There are a number of Rights accorded to individuals in states which have signed the Economic Pact: recompense for labour must be granted (slavery is not allowed), with some exceptions in the wording being made for "public safety and military service". The pact also gives employees have the right to work away from dangerous conditions and the right to leave a position as they wish unless prior recorded agreement contradicts this right. (With some provisions being made with all of this rights - please refer to the treaty text)

The treaty module establishes free trade without protectionism between members. Exceptions are made for technological secrets essential to national defence. No contracting State may demand technological goods or secrets superior to their own under the auspices of this article.

The Pact affirms the free flow of capital between contracting States and the right of businesses to have access to the markets of other states on an equal footing with domestic businesses . It also establishes a common labour market between contracting States, gives every sentient the right of seeking self-improvement, and the right to move as they wish in seeking employment. Free access is granted to the citizens of member states to the labour markets of other states.

Finally, the pact commits itself to the "moral goal" of encouraging the development of non-member economies into free market economies that permit the free exchange of goods and ideas between states. In dealings with other economic blocs the same principles as the Vinyatirion Economic Pact are to be encouraged in order to trade with the pact.


Signing procedure is still in progress. More will be added shortly.

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