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A Valaquine-Allanean posing with two Desert Eagle Mark XIX’s

The Valaquine are one of NationStates’ most peculiar species, second to few in their outright strangeness. Having arrived as refugees from their ruined planet of Valaquine (nobody ever accused them of originality, though), the Valaquine have first sought refuge on Mars. However, the so-called Martian community has refused the refugees access to the surface, and the Valaquine turned to Earth. There, they found welcome in Allanea.

Externally, Valaquine are similar to Xenomorphs, but with several major differences. First, the Valaquine are normal, organic, protein-based mammals. None of the acidic blood, hive mind, or similar features of the Xenomorph has been demonstrated (but a newborn Valaquine is much like a newborn Chestbuster). The life cycle of a Valaquine is much like that of mammals, and in fact they are a weird form of mammals. Second, the Valaqine do have some form of optical vision, in addition to the sonar similar to that of Xenomorphs.

Valaquine are capable, to the extent their fingers allow, of handling human tools. After their meeting with Allaneans, the Valaquine have taken up imitating Allanean culture extensively, and many have taken to ‘being more papal then the pope’ and carying BAR’s, given than their size allows it.