Valentino Caltabiano

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Valentino Caltabiano
Position:Defender (Right, Left or Centre)
U21 Caps:13
U21 Goals:3
Clubs Played For:Tabeck FC
Liga Starblaydia Defender of the Year, Season 2, Starblaydia All-Time XI Nomination

Valentino Caltabiano is, perhaps, one of the classiest Starblaydi defenders ever. He combined all the usual parts of defending - positioning, marking, tackling - with two-footedness, skill on the ball and a good range of passing. He also had the ability to play at any position across a defensive line, though he preferred a position on the left side of defence to augment his favoured left foot.

An integral part of two Under-21 World Cup teams, Valentino quickly graduated into the senior side, going to three World Cups, 21, 22 and 23. In fact, it was also his all-round usefulness that gave Starblaydi managers such as Guylain N'Dumbu-Nsungu such a selection headache, as Valentino was not considered a 'specialist' in any of the usual Starblaydi positions along the back four. As soon as Valentino's skill shone through, of course, he was immediately handed a starting position.

World Cup 22 is generally considered to be his peak of acheivements, as Starblaydia made it to the Second Round of the Finals, only to lose to eventual champions Sarzonia. Around the same time he also picked up domestic awards, taking two Tiberius Cups for seasons Two and Three and a Defender of the Year honour for Season 2. Liga Starblaydia Season 4 saw him crowned a League Champion, helping lift his club Tabeck FC to their best season ever, certainly a Tabeck 'Golden Age' if ever there was one.

Preceded by:
Dimitrios Steliopolous
Liga Starblaydia Defenders of the Year
Season 2
Followed by:
Matthew Tobias