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Flag of Valinon
Motto: ”May the Sun never set on the Empire.”
Region Raumreich Oversector
Capital New Koln, Proxima Centauri I, Alpha Centauri
Official Language(s) Imperial German, Imperial English, Old Russian, Dominionite Japanese, Dominionite Korean, and various Elven dialects
Leader Empress Friedelinde Alderman I
Population 15 billion
Currency Reichsmark 
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The United Star Empire of Valinon is the premiere power in the Raumreich Oversector consisting of six star systems and a host of smaller dependencies. It has vast interests—commercial, political, and military—stretching from the Sol system to the Raumreich, from the Orion Sector to Xanthalian space. The Star Empire is also a considerable international power, participating in several key alliances and economic organizations based in the Raumreich and in Sol. With a formidable military and a largely unrestricted economy Valinon will remain a noted force in international politics for the foreseeable future.