Vareg Nagy

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The Right and Honourable Vareg Nagyis one of the most experienced and well traveled of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassadors of Ilek-Vaad. He has been Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to the Dominion of Zorbus, the Republic of Blaye, The Scarlet Empire of Edolia and currently serves as Ambassador to the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss.

Ambassador Nagy is most well known for his open and virulent dislike of foreigners and is the 'bad' half of the Free Republic's 'Good cop, bad cop' system of Embassy postings. Nations that please the Free Republic receive an Ambasador vetted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then accepted by the Republican Council. Nations that displease the Free Republic receive Ambassador Nagy.

In his fifties the grey haired, sharp eyed Ambassador relishes in his duty of insulting foreign leaders, debating and arguing with foreign diplomats and belittling foreign press. His most famous moment ocurred when at the Haven Conference in Edolia he dressed down the Empress of the Scandavian States and made her appear as a foolish and politically inept neophyte in the arena of world politics.

The press, both foreign and local, awaits with relish his every public word.