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Vegron (meaning Star-talk), fron the word 'Vega' and commonly anglicised as Vegan, is a language spoken in Starblaydia, a version of the ancient language from the former nation Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. Much of Starblaydi culture is descended from Vegan, particularly the Fam’dai religion, Daii concept of chivalry and the Raiigar war-dance.



Eda - One
Grai - Two
Takina - Three
Qual - Four
Luus - Five
Zik - Six


Akii - Autum
Andossa - City
Arcea - Sea
Atahi - Men
Ati - Hear
Chi - Fine
Dai - First/One
Defender - Feldekken
Draggonii - Dragon
Draki - Call/Sing
Ehud - God
Fam - Ready
Fanda - Forward
Harmuh - Challenge
Hati - I
Hath - My
Huhti - We
Huth - Our
Hza - Glorious
Iair - Song
Inviyati - Invitate
Jaruon - Match
Kai - Bridge
Kalonii - Sword
Kama - Ready
Ke - No
Ko pape - Life essence
Kri - Middle
Lori - Dead
Lusai - Goal
Min - Child
Mitrin - Mother
Naz - Eternal
Ne - And
Ni - The
Praez - Field
Ron - Talk
Se - Of (the)
Sha - Hero
Sja - Gathering
Svei - Beer
Taii - Sky
Taikii - Light/Bright
Tropia - Trophy
Tuhl - Future
Uij - Fate
Va - For
Vega - Star
Votar - Walk
Zahn - Breeze