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Forum: None
Population: 6 nations
Delegate: None
Founder: S-14 (post-griefing)
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

[Map of Venus]

Venus is the second planet of the Solar System, primarily controlled by Menelmacar. Substantial territory is also held by the C'tan, and S-14. Sentient Peoples, Tarasovka and Wazzu also have presences there.

Venus has been terraformed over an extended period of time by Menelmacar, with help from Eniqcir, S-14, and Wazzu. While it now classifies as a shirt-sleeves environment, the air is still notably high in sulfur and filter masks are required to breathe comfortably for any period of time greater than a few minutes. Venus now has biologically active oceans covering a great deal of its surface and biota are being introduced to the surface, mostly genetically engineered species as well as flora and fauna from S-14.