Vigvar Convention on Cooperation

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The Vigvar Convention on Cooperation is a treaty heir to the Taraskovyan-Knootian Frame Convention on Cooperation which, in addition to continuing many of the arrangements expressed in its predecessor, brings the cooperation between the Grand Duchy of Tarasovka and the Democratic Republic of Knootoss to a whole new level.

Apart from the standard non-agression clause which was already present in the previous document, the Vigvar Convention and its Additional Protocol A further clarify the status of the Knootian Military Base of Europolis and the modalities of the transit of KDF assets through Taraskovyan waters and airspace to reach and leave both the base of Europolis and the Knootian city of Nieuw-Rotterdam.

One of the important additions is a clause on economic relations. The quasi-free trade agreement expressed in that clause promotes the trade relations between the two countries to a whole new level, but still leaves the Grand Duchy with the possibility to impose tariffs on some Knootian products.

The other novelty concerns cultural cooperation and the creation of the so-called Dutch Language Union, which, by striving towards a uniform Dutch language, shall benefit the Dutch speakers all around the world.

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