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Flag of Vilita
Motto: The Perfect Moment
Vilita & Turori
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Alikki-Corra
Official Language(s) Vilitan
Leader The Chosen One
Population Many Billion
Currency Ture 
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Some General Information

The Regional Factbook used to be here but I don't care much for it. We've got a lot of people on an Island with two mountains in the middle and a nice valley with two names, one name in the north and a different name in the south. The environment is spectacular, It is a tropical island after all. There are actually the main island of Vilita, a smaller offshore island of VOIA and a larger, inhabited island of Turoki Isle, in addition to the now-separate nation of Turori to the North East.

Major Corporations & Organizations

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The Tropics of Vilita have no formal Military institution, instead relying on the AORDO Alliance for it's Military power. Vilita's entire defense budget goes to the Vilitan Orbital Intelligence Agency (VOIA), a highly advanced Intelligence Agency that knows almost everything that is going on in Atlantian Oceania at any given time. The Agency uses both on earth and in-orbit methods for acquiring it's Intelligence, and it's headquarters are so large they are housed on an entire Island off the Eastern Vilitan Coast. However, It is unknown to the outside world whether the Island is a single entity, many believing that it may just be a headquarters for day to day operations, with major operations being run on the mainland deep under ground in either the Morata or Liguon Valley.


The political system in Vilita is largely unknown. One known fact, is that there are no political party systems in Vilita. ironically, Vilitan supporters frequently run for office in other nations under the Vilitan Antiparticulate banner. The Antiparticulates tend to run a virtually neutral campaign in hopes of devaluing the political party system in the nations at question. It is also unknown where in Vilita the political center is. Many believed it to be in the former Vilitan capital of Lopinka, until the city was destroyed as a result of the Nojika Spies Affair. When Vilita continued functioning without crisis despite the loss, it became evident that Vilita's core lay somwhere else. It is now believed that the Vilitan political headquarters lie somewhere in the Liguon-Morata region, deep in the Jungle and perhaps deep within one of Vilitas mountainous terrain. Vilita's public face lies in the new capital city of Alikki-Corra, where dignitaries and representatives meet in the builiding of the Leazi-Corada. The Leazi-Corada is no singular person, but a group of official representatives trained to speak or respond on behalf of the government and people alike. While the base political system of Vilita is unknown, it is believe that there i s a supreme ruler, known to the tabloids as The Chosen One, who is the head of operations for the entire Vilitan Empire.


Vilita is a successful participant in the World Cup, having hosted once, and having a national record 30-game World Cup unbeaten streak during World Cup's 18 & 19. Callum Banda is the nation's top senior-level goalscorer with over 50 goals. The Vilitan League ....

Hosted Events

Hockey Teams

The VHL Original Six:

  • Turoki Islanders
  • Yeaddin Squirrels
  • Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes
  • Morata Valley Fog
  • Longgeylin Storm Surge
  • Tivali River Sharks

The OHL Merger:

  • Turoki Islanders
  • Yeaddin HC
  • Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes
  • Longgeylin Storm Surge
  • Vilisorma Yutzies *
  • Expansion Franchise

Public Image

Former Flags

  • vilita3.jpg The Original Flag of Vilita
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