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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is [violet].

Who is [violet]?

Enigmatic admin of NationStates, no one really knows the true story ... or they're not talking about it.

Is [violet] Max Barry?

The following content was taken from a relevant NationStates thread on the matter, from the point of view of The Smoking Man

The oldest conspiracy theory here, this one even predates me. Is [violet] Max Barry?

*takes a drag*

A fairly pertinent thread on the topic is this one Its currently 53 (As of March 2005, 80) pages long, and if you ever ask a moderator about whether Max is [violet], they will almost undoubtably direct you to this thread. Anyone who has watched the British TV series "Yes Minister" will recognise this tactic: burying you with useless information to sap your will to discover the truth.

So lets ignore that thread, and instead blindly follow my lead as I indulge in hearsay and conjecture.

First of all, a piece of evidence against. Max, as you would assume from the name, is male. [violet] is usually referred to as "she". Naturally of course, this could just be a ploy.

Kandarin, in the thread I linked to before, sums up my next point pretty clearly

Originally Posted by Kandarin 
I think it makes more sense to think that [dredd], the more tech-based, less people-based admin, is Max Barry.

Yes Kandarin, it does make sense. Which should be your first clue as to why you're wrong. If only it were that simple. Examine the moderator sticky. Listed as a retired mod but with an admin title: [mantle]. The first admin. [violet] is the second. [dredd] is a third. Now the idea of [dredd] being Max is thrown completely askew. We have three admin positions instead of two, so simple deduction fails us, and we end up back at square one.


I leave you to contemplate this, and will return with more information as and when I have it.

*takes a drag and leaves* 

Originally Posted by Zeppistan 
I'm disappointed Smoking Man. Such a simplistic analysis based on public information. Surely you cannot for one second believe that such a conspiracy would have been hidden in such a manner? Have you not looked into the shadows for the answer to this riddle?

Ironic... it is indeed in the shadows that the final answer to this was revealed to me... well, we'll get there soon enough

Originally Posted by Zeppistan 
Max Berry
Red Arrow
Same number of letters in each name. The telltale double-r in both last names. A little ego slipped in there methinks....

Zeppistan, don't you feel that is rather redundant, given that max barry = 8 letters and [violet] = 8 letters? No, the identity of Max Barry will be revealed to those who can read between the lines, but not before the big reveal.

Back on topic. With great personal difficulty, using a telephoto lens and forged Forum 7 security pass, I have managed to obtain a picture of [violet]:



The picture on the right is claimed to be a picture of Max Barry:

Now, clearly these are not the same people. But, as a player may have many puppets, an admin may have many faces.

Puppets... now thats an interesting point. Common knowledge, as well as Max himself says that Max used to play as the nation Maxtopia, but was inundated with telegrams, so allowed it to die. He now claims to play in secret. If this is true, then surely he could not be [violet], the speculation is too great. But wait. [violet] has no nation, and therefore no way to be telegrammed. The standard link, reproduced below, takes you back to your own nation.


So, in fact, Max could be [violet], as although [violet] is well known, you can't telegram her.

On the news page, under the Jolt announcement

Originally Posted by Max Barry 
I no longer have to juggle kittens on the streets of Melbourne to pay my bandwidth bills.

Anyone who's spent any time in the region Forum 7 will know the significance of kittens.


I still need a little more time... I'll get back to you all.

*takes a drag and disappears*