Roel Vogels

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Prime Minister Vogels
Full name:
Rudolf (Roel) Marcus Vogels
Prime Minister
Preceded by:
Prime Minister of Knootoss
Succeeded by:
Lousewies van der Laan

Roel Vogels was another member of the Vogels family. Vogels was a more right-leaning member of the liberal SLP. His five political priorities were:

  1. Extensive democratic and institutional reforms;
  2. Establishing a socially libertarian system guaranteeing extensive civil rights;
  3. Promoting economic growth in the private sector;
  4. Fiscally responsible government (controlled taxes, a balanced budget);
  5. Bringing Knootoss into the world as a nation that is active in international affairs and promoting Knootian values.

He led two coalition governments of the SLP and the Conservative Party (the predecessor of the RCPK before it was taken over by Dick Tator) Vogels was often seen on the Binnenhof in the tower of the Prime Minister, where he worked together closely with Lousewies van der Laan who led the SLP MPs in parliament during the SLP / Conservative coalitions.

Vogels I

The cabinet known as Vogels I started out with a vast SLP majority and the conservatives as a junior partner. This cabinet started its programme of bringing Knootoss into the world by guiding it to WBO membership. Later, the nation also joined SATO in the light of a percieved threat by both The Reich and CACE. With full support of all the parties, the nation also joined the (relatively fledgling) United Nations and its ambassadors unsuccesfully attempted to push some policy reforms there such as a ban on capital punishment.

This cabinet also marked the start of Knootian involvement in Colombia, and incidents with the rebel FARC group (after supporting their overthrowing of the corrupt Colombian government) eventually led to a 'peacekeeping' mission to secure interests in the region. The region occupied by the Knootian Defence Force became known as Knootian Colombia. To accomodate this new semi-protectorate as well as to reform the democratic system, Vogels made a number of institutional reforms that created, amongst others, the Knootian Federation (Then still the "Federation of Knootoss") Vogels made other reforms to promote civil and political rights, making the nation a world benchmark in both these fields.

Vogels II

After elections, the coalition parties made several gains, especially the conservatives. This led to the second Vogels administration being more conservative in terms of political influence. The administration was not only liberal but remarkably pro-business, doing its best to follow the spirit of the WBO and implementing many neoliberal reforms. While the government was criticised by the greens as being "Capitalizt" the government endured reasonable popularity.

All of this changed with the elections when Vogels campaigned to be elected for a third term as Prime Minister. Backed up by extensive covert support for dictatorships abroad (notably from the GDODAD) the moderately right-wing Conservative Party was subverted by Dick Tator, a man who wanted to abolish democracy in Knootoss. The campaign was fueled by ethnic tensions between Elves and Humans, intimidation tactics by 'brownshirts' supporting Tator and the brutal political assasination of an elvish secretary of state.

At the same time, the Prime Minister was having an affair with a young student called Tim de Boer. This was capitalised upon by foreign supporters of Tator but it barely affected the elections. When Dominion/GDODAD forces intervened, this marked the beginning of the Shadow War. Special forces of the Brotherhood of Nod attacked parliament and took everyone hostage. The Prime Minister offered to stay if the parliamentarians could leave. When the enemy forces were forced to withdraw they killed Vogels with a shot through the head, thus ending his life instantly.