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Flag of Vrak
Motto: "By Bok's Whiskers!"
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Region The Federated Klatchian Coast
Capital Vrak Prime
Official Language(s) Vrakian, English
Leader King Vrak The First
Population 5.5 billion +
Currency Klatchian Kronor 
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Brief Synopsis

The Glorious Kingdom of Vrak is made up of 95% human and 5% walrus. The walruses are the ruling elite of Vrak and both species live together peaceably.

The current president of the FKC is King Vrak the First. As a state, Vrak has emerged from its isolationist shell and, along with other FKC states, has played an important role in NS world events. The first big event that boosted Vrak's international profile was hosting the World Court which involved the nations of Menelmacar and Christofi.

Vrak enjoys amicable relations with most other countries, provided that they don't meddle in FKC internal affairs. Its sworn enemies are the Drakonian Imperium, Tersanctus, and Scandavian States. Vrak is a signatory to the KIST treaty and a former member of the Ur Trade Pact. Vrak is also a member of the Order of the Seraphim. Recently, Vrak has also signed onto the Trade Network Association.


Recently, the blokk pakrah nation of Czardas has earned our undying hatred by attempting to subvert our youth. Read about his folly here.

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