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World Business Organization
Headquarters: The Most Glorious Hack
Members: Formerly +/- 21 members, now dissolved
Type: Economic Pact
Forum: WBO forums

The now defunct World Business Organization (WBO), was first founded by the Republic of Kyleria in early January of 2003. The WBO is a business-focused and oriented organization that stresses economic propsperity and stability. A reorganization of the WBO took place in April 2003, headed by the Federal Republic of Aerigia, a founding member of the original WBO. The WBO recruited pro-free market nations. The organization stems from the belief that a healthy and responsible free market will provide a better life for the people. This can be attributed through better motivation, leading to high productivity, higher quality products, lower unemployment and open yet fair compeition between companies, both large and small, local or international and giving the consumer many quality choices. The WBO also discourages irresponsible business, such as those resorting to slavery, or blantant disrespect for the law/environment.

As the new threat of piracy, as well as digital and economic terrorism looms, WBO members resolved the stand fast against the threats that faced the business communities of the time. WBO members pledged to stand steadfast against these threats.

The WBO had ties to the now-defunct Ur Trade Pact to open its markets. Pink Bunny Cola advertised itself as the official drink of the WBO.

The WBO effectively ceased to exist when The Most Glorious Hack closed the (empty) headquarters. Some former WBO members are now part of the VERITAS economic module (which has similar objectives of promoting free trade) or the KIST treaty.

Nations of The WBO (outdated)

Charter of the Organization/Aims

1. Strengthen the economies of the member states, help in the case of an economical crisis and prevention of such crises.

2. Increase International Development, Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Volumes.

3. Co-operate for the greater good of the people through the creation of strong, respsonsible private sector, from which all members of the society will benefit from a low unemployment rate, better productivity and quality of products, yet keeping inflation at a steady and controlled level.

4. Protection of International Investments and Trade against instabilities of war, agression and terrorism.

5. Membership criterias: a) A good economy (minimum) Committed to the development of a free-market based economy. c) Against unprovoked warfare and terrorism. d)WBO nations will try peace and diplomacy first.


  • Directorates of the Organization: Will coordinate meetings and discussions. Will also be involved in the diplomatic and economic/finance branches)
  • Directorate of Diplomatic Branch: Communicates news of the Organization to the world.
  • Directorate of Security Branch: Whilst the WBO is not a military focused organization - The Security Branch works closely with the Directorates of the Organization to combat threats against international trade, such as piracy, fanaticism, terrorism and other unwarranted agression. A close working relationship between WBO and SATO in areas such as anti-piracy is being cemented.
  • Directorate of Economic/Finance Branch: To coordinate efforts at lowering tarriffs, increasing trade volume between nations, and to manage the daily operations of the IBTA.

IBTA (International Business Trust Agency)

Holdings: (In Menelmacari Credits)

  • Aerigia 18B
  • Menelmacar: 22B
  • Centralis: 20B USD = 7.2B
  • Exaltion 12.0B
  • Endless Islands: 16B
  • Der Angst: 18.0B
  • Shildonia: 6.0B

The IBTA will hold votes in the case that WBO nations requiring loans apply for such to improve infrastructure, to weather a crisis, etc.. Voting will be based on amount in holdings.

Defensive Matters

The military branch is not required by the Organization at this point, war is disruptive to the stability of the economy and halts international trade. We, however, advise a guard against terrorist and piracy attacks against civilan and merchant targets, as they have been quite rampant around the world.

If any WBO nation should come under attack by an external threat, the Directorate will organize the defensive effort alongside the Directorate of Defense. This includes the co-operative partnership with The South Atlantic Treaty Organization.

WBO nations will not be forced to join SATO, and vice versa. The WBO is not a military focused organization, Our primary focus is trade, finances, economy, commerce, and protecting the free-market ideals from internal and external threats. Since we do not formally have a military arm, this is where SATO comes in, as a partnership dedicated to preserving peace and combating terrorism and piracy. A partnership between the organizations will proof to be mutually beneficial to all parties.

Several historical conflicts in relation to political and economic systems have involved troops of WBO member nations. The Eastern European conflict take took place in Poland and Hungary involved Aerigian and Kylerian forces against Whittier, Kerlan, and other socialist forces. However, this was not officially, decalred a WBO allied conflict.

E-Business and Digital Crimes

Let it be known henceforth that unauthorized access to servers and computers; as well as causing damage to data stored on the servers and networks by any party constitutes as a crime, regardless of national origin. Any nations sponsoring such activity causing direct and indirect economical and other damages will be in violation of International Law and is to be undergoing trial with the International Court.

The Threat of High-Sea Piracy

All WBO members acknowledge the threat of piracy and is committed to combating such unlawful behaviour. WBO nations will also work co-operatively, and within their power, to help protect the merchant ships of other WBO members, as well as neutral parties from pirates.