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Nation: Ariddia
Function: N/A
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

Wavecrest, one of the the PDSRA's six main cities, is also the furthest from the Ariddian "mainland". It is located on the southern coast of the island of Wueliw, in the south-east of the island group.

Built on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, it has several notable beaches, and also attracts tourists looking for boat rides, or wishing to dive for a closer look at marine fauna and flora. Some distance from the city, but also on the south-western coast of Wueliw, are the famous Ulju rocks, one of Ariddia's most notable natural features.

Wueliw has a Wymgani population rate higher than the national average, and Wavecrest is no exception. Some Wymgani still live in forest dwellings, and commute to the city for work; the thick, pristine rainforest starts at the very edge of Wavecrest.

The city's most notable museum is the Numismatics Museum, which displays an impressive collection of monetary items (coins, banknotes, but also other items used for trade) from throughout the centuries and around the world. The museum also explains in detail how these items were and are used.

Wavecrest houses one of the country's main international football stadia (Wavecrest City Stadium), and also boasts an international airport (code: WAV). In addition, it houses the headquarters of the Ariddian public fast-food company Santé!.

Wavecrest is twinned with Lake Porter City (Qazox), Vigiah (Cafundéu) and Murrindal (Errinundera).

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