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The Holy Republic of
Way Nation
Flag of Way Nation
National motto: Where there's a will, there's a way
National anthem: Way of Life
Region The Forbidden Pacific
Coordinates 49°20′S, 69°20′E
Land Area 7,215 km²
(and largest city)
City of Way
Population 14,000,000
Official Language(s) English
Official Religion(s) Church of Way
• Soulope 
• Hearope 
• Voicope 
Liberal Democracy
Keith je Way I
Luther je Hea I
Victor je Voi I
Independence 11th October 2007
ISO Nation Code WAYN
Currency Dollars of Way (WAYD)
Time Zone WST (UTC+8)
• Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+8)
Internet TLD .way
Calling Code +001
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal

Football (Soccer)
UN Status Not Member
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Way Nation, officially The Holy Republic of Way Nation, is an isolated nation located in The Forbidden Pacific, south of the Indian Ocean. It's territory consists of the group of islands known as Archipelago of Way.

The nation recently declared independence on 11th of October 2007, after the population grew to 5 million and it's people decided that it is time for their nation to be recognized internationally.

Way Nation is a non-hereditary, liberal democracy that is headed by the Soulope of Way. It is the sovereign territory of the Pillars of Way, which currently consists of Heart of Way, in charge of running the internal affairs of the nation, Voice of Way, in charge of international and regional diplomacy as well as internal public affairs, and Church of Way, which is religious body of the nation.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">wayfireworksas5.png
Fireworks at the Grand Bay of Way, celebrating the independence of Way Nation.
</div>Earliest estimates of known habitant in the Archipelago of Way is put at the year 1031 A.D. Because of its desolated located, the people had almost zero contact with the rest of the world, living in their own self-sufficient region.

In 1310, an adventurer Christian DuVour discovered the existence of the region and its people after sailing from Mauritius. However given the lack of information and skepticism from the rest of the World, few people believed his discovery. Christian DuVour attempted to prove it by leading a team of 14 adventures from over the world to the region during the summer of 1311 but their boat was struck by a devastating storm and the whole crew tragically lost their lives.

31 other attempts were recorded by various explorer between 1331 and 1713 to explore the region but all coincidentally lost their lives when their journey were met with storms. Rumors about their coincidental deaths spread throughout the world, with the most common being them being killed mercilessly upon reaching the shores.

In 1801, a group of three people from the the Archipelago of Way traveled to Mauritius. The group represented the Eyes of Way, a body of Pillars of Way which in in charge of exploration and scouting missions. Their job were to create a contact point with the rest of the world also dispelling rumors regarding the deaths of the 31 explorers.

Occasional contacts were made between the Archipelago of Way and the rest of the World from 1801 to present date. In 11th October 2007, which marks their population crossing the 5 million mark, the ruling head of Archipelago, Church of Way, announced independence in an attempt to be recognized internationally. Since then, the newly declared nation is known officially as The Holy Republic of Way Nation.


The government of Way Nation has a unique structure. The Soulope is the sovereign of the nation and the head of governance of the nation. The governance of the nation is made by different bodies, each providing assistance of the Soulope. The group of bodies is known as the Pillars of Way. Each head of the pillars are decided by the people of the Way Nation through elections, held every 2 years. The latest election held was on the 10th October 2007, the day before independence. Soulope Keith je Way was re-elected, garnering 91% of the people's votes despite being contested by 3 other candidates.

Pillars of Way


The Pillars of Way is a group of bodies set up to run the different aspects of the nation. These bodies are Church of Way, Heart of Way and Voice of Way.

Church of Way


The Church of Way is in charge of religion and missionary mission, as well as being the overall head of the Pillars of Way. The head of the Church of Way is also the nation's head, and is given the title Soulope. The current Soulope of the Way Nation is Soulope Keith je Way I.

Heart of Way


The Heart of Way runs the administration and the internal affairs of the nation. The head of this pillar is known as the Hearope. The current Hearope of Way Nation is Hearope Luther je Hea I.

Voice of Way


The Voice of Way is in charge of international and regional diplomacy, as well the voice of the Church of Way and Heart of Way. The head of this pillar is known as the Voicope. The current Voicope of Way Nation is Voicope Victor je Voi I.

Eyes of Way

Eyes of Way is a now-defunct body which used to be in charge of exploratory and discovery during the days when the nation was attempting to connect with the outside world. In 1901, the pillar's 100th anniversary, the Church of Way announced the end of the operations of Eyes of Way. Reasons of this action were not made to the public.


As of 13th October 2007, the Church has yet to recognize any relations with other nations. However, certain lands are being made available for possible constructions of foreign embassies in the Northern Jeis.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">northernjeisxd5.png
Northern Jeis

Currently the Church has allocated lands in Boulevard of Northern Jeis for construction of foreign embassies. They are Norw Drive, Asyl Avenue and Easr Street. Although the Church intends foreign embassies to be constructed, it has yet to make an official statement about it. Currently the Church do not accept any request of construction of foreign embassies.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">boulevardofnorthernjeispr3.png
Boulevard of Northern Jeis

Norw Drive
Church's Embassy Location
Church's Representative
Easr Street
Church's Embassy Location
Church's Representative
Asyl Avenue
Church's Embassy Location
Church's Representative


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">mapofwaynationsmallzo1.png
Map of Way Nation.

Map of Way Nation

Way Nation is located in The Forbidden Pacific, named due to the area being constantly hit by fierce thunderstorms which cuts physical access to and from the outside world frequently.

Way Nation consists of a main island with an additional of 300 other smaller islands and islets, called the Archipelago of Way. The total territory is divided into 19 sub-territories. The capitol and largest city of the nation is City of Way, accounting 29% of the nation's population. Noras and Jeis are in second and third place respectively with 13% and 12% of the nation's population.

Grand Bay of Way is a sub-territory that is the hub of the nation's culture, music, and arts, with frequent performances organized by the Culture House and Centre of the Arts. The Pillars of Way are also located in this area.

Located in the West of the territory is Sacred Region, a holy and sacred land that forbids any trespassers or visitors to the area. This is due to The Great Holy Peak of Way located there, which the people of the nation regards as the place which created life to the nation and continuing to bless the whole nation. The Church opens The Great Holy Peak of Way on certain national holidays and on national day, for the people to make their journey up to the peak and get great blessings.

Surrounding the Sacred Region is the Holy Plains, with the land being incredibly fertile throughout the year. People believed that the land's close proximity to The Great Holy Peak of Way blessed the soils of Holy Plains. 91% of all vegetation and poultry are produced at the Holy Plains. It also serves as the main corridor to the 18 other sub-territories.

Control of the 19 sub-territories are fully governed by the Pillars of Way instead of the use of mayors practiced in other countries.

Bay Canal of Way

The Church has approved the Heart's proposal to build a canal between Jeis and City of Way, which would allow a connection point between the bay area to the Iovian Coast. More water and seaside activities will be introduced to spice up the life of the bay area even more. Construction work will start once the Church goes through the final proposal submitted by the Heart. 3 new bridge are also in the designing phase to link the City of Way to Jeis once the waterway is constructed.


Reclamation works is being done to fill the high number of water bodies within the nation. To make up for the loss of reservoirs within the terrritory, concurrently working of major dams are in the works. The reclamation is now in it's initial phase, with works being done within Noras and damming between Noras and Sacreland. Phase 2 will be focused on Tipias and Jeis. Phase 1 and 2 is expected to increase the total land area of Way Nation by 9%.


Although Way Nation geographical location lies in the timezone of UTC+5, the Church has adopted the national timezone to be UTC+8 due to religious practices. This makes the sunrise and sunset timing 3 hours later than average. Average Sunrise time for the Way Nation is 9:43am, while the average sunset time is 10:02pm. The difference has frequently caused living in the nation tough for foreigners.


Economic Statistics of Way Nation


The military of Way Nation includes the Holy Land of Way, Holy Sea of Way, and Holy Air of Way collectively known as the Defenders of Way, which is a subsidiary of Heart of Way. There were rumors another military body called Assault of Way, which is thought to be in charge of offensive military operations. However, the Church denied the existence of the body.

The Church legislation requires every one, male and females, the age of 19 to be serve the military for a minimum of one year. All males will be posted to the combat positions of the military while the females will be posted to service positions. Upon finishing the compulsory military service, they will then be required to be called back every 2 years till the age of 40 for a week training to maintain military operation readiness.

Holy Land of Way

The Holy Land of Way is in charge of the lands units defending the nation and it consists of the following combat arms:

  • Holy Protectors of Way - The elite unit which focuses on the special protection of national and military interest.
  • Holy Guards of Way - The military infantry defense unit.
  • Holy Armor of Way - The military armor unit.
  • Holy Artillery of Way - The military artillery unit.

These are bolstered by combat service support arms which consist of the following:

  • Holy Intelligence of Way - The military intelligent unit.
  • Holy Medical Services of Way - The military military medical unit.
  • Holy Supply and Transport of Way - The military supply and transport unit.
  • Holy Maintenance and Engineer of Way - The military maintenance and engineering unit.

There are also rumors of an even more elite secret service unit within the Holy Land of Way which the Church denies.

Holy Sea of Way

The Sea of Way is in charge of the naval units defending the nation and it consists of the following combat arms:

  • Holy Navalists of Way - The military naval diving unit.
  • Holy Naval Fleet of Way - The military naval fleet unit.

These are supported by:

  • Holy Naval Logistics of Way - The military naval logistics unit.

Holy Air of Way

The Air of Way is in charge of the aerial units defending the nation and it consists of the following combat arms:

  • Holy Aerial Fleet of Way - The military air fleet unit.

These are supported by:

  • Holy Aerial Intelligence of Way - The military aerial intelligence unit.
  • Holy Aerial Logistics of Way - The military aerial logistics unit.



According to the Church statistics on 19th October 2007, the total population of Way Nation stands at 14 million, mostly consisting of the Citizens of Way.


The official national language adopted by the Church is English.


The Church places a fair amount of emphasis on the education of the nation, with 17% of the budget going into education. The education system in the country is a unique system. All children begin their education by learning from "masters". Their master is usually their relatives or most commonly their parents. At the end of each year the children will have to sit a compulsory examination to gauge their skills and knowledge. At any time their grade reaches the Merit status, they will be eligible to enroll into a local University. Variety of skill and knowledge varies from Farming and Mining to Science and Mathematics to Culture and Arts.

There is currently one single University in the country, Holy University of Way, located in the sub-territory of Southeastio. It currently has 60,000 students enrolled in this massive university, one of the biggest in the world, and has the capacity to house 100,000 students. The Citizens even proposed to the Church to list the University as a city of it's own and separate from Southeastio.

A second University was constructed in Westia, with a capacity of 80,000 students but is not due for opening anytime soon. A third University is currently being constructed in Iovian with an espected capacity of 40,000 students and the potential to upgrade its premises to cater to 70,000 students.


The national religion of Way Nation is the Church of Way. There is currently no official name of the religion of Way Nation. Even though Church of Way is a religious body of the nation, the people of the nation still recognize their religious beliefs as Church of Way. This results in the unusual but intentional similar naming of both the religion name and religion body.

The Church currently has no intention of embracing religions outside of Way Nation. All foreigners applying citizenships have to undergo a rite to admit the applicants as the followers of the Church of Way.


The people of Way Nation enjoys the showcasing and appreciation of arts, music and culture. So much so that a sub-territory was set aside just to make a cultural and musical hub. Located next to the City of Way, the Grand Bay of Way is a place full of buzz and life, being a city that never sleeps.




The nation currently has 3 television broadcasting channels. The use of radio stations has been phased out on 15th March 2006 due to under use and the the preferences of the other media like television and the nation's internal internet. The use of newspapers too have been phased out by the Church and is substituted by new media from the internet.

Channel of Way

The Channel of Way (WC, channel 1) is the national official television broadcasting channel broadcast since 19th January 1979, owned by the Voice and fully backed by the Church. The channel is a 24 hour channel, with contents covering a wide variety such as religion, arts, music, sports and local news.

International Broadcast

The International Broadcast (IB, channel 11) is an international channel broadcast since 27th July 2004, with selected foreign contents shown. Viewers interested in international news frequently tune to this channel. This channel is also owned by the Voice and is a 6 hour per day channel.

People's Channel

On 1st January 2000, the Church gave clearance for an additional channel, with contents created by the Citizens. Since the launch of the channel, the People's Channel (PC, channel 7) has met with great reception and support by the Citizens. The channel shows programmes 18 hours per day, with all programmes being gone through the Heart and the Church before they can be shown.

Portal of Way

The Portal of Way is the nation's internal internet that links to the whole of Way Nation. Plans of linking the Portal with the World Wide Web is being discussed by the Church. Church statistics shows that the Portal is the dominant media in the nation, with 87% of the population using its services on an average of 5.2 hours a day. The television is used by 66% of the population on an average of 2.4 hours a day.


The Citizens enjoy the game of football (soccer). However they only treat sports as a leisure activity and few people would see this as an alternative to their career. The lack of a professional and semi-professional league discouraged the Citizens to treat this game seriously. Rumours of a semi-professional league has surfaced since last year but no news has been heard since.


Gaming is ranked the 3 favorite past times, according to the Church, behind "hanging out (ranked 1)" and "watching music and arts concert (ranked 2)". Annually the Heart organizes the Cyber-Gaming Championship of Way. The 8th year of the competition will take place between 15th December 2007 to 23th December 2007. The host for this year's competition will be Grand Bay of Way, the first time it is hosting this event.

Cyber-Gaming Championship of Way

Host City
City of Way
16/12/2007 - 24/12/2000
City of Way
15/12/2001 - 23/12/2001
City of Way
14/12/2002 - 22/12/2002
13/12/2003 - 21/12/2003
11/12/2004 - 19/12/2004
City of Way
10/12/2005 - 18/12/2005
16/12/2006 - 24/12/2006
Grand Bay of Way
15/12/2007 - 23/12/2007
City of Way
13/12/2008 - 21/12/2008
To be Decided
To be Decided




In line with the Church's effort to be linked to the rest of the World, the Heart of Way built an international harbor and airport. International Airport of Way and International Harbor of Way were officially opened on the day of independence. Despite spending more than 5 billion Dollars of Way to build the two state-of-the-art facilities, the airport only allows 1 departure and arrival passenger flight per day. The harbor also limits to a single arrival and departure pessenger cruise per day. Since the Forbidden Pacific suffers from frequent storms, analyst estimates that the amount of passenger flights and ships will not even reach 1 per day on average.

The international airline of the nation is the Airlines of Way.

Cargo flights and ships are not restricted in order to boost the economy of the nation.


Domestically, the citizens travel around in ferries and trains and cars.