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This is not a Category, therefore, do not add "Category:Weapons List" to any of your posts. However, if you do add a weapon, please edit it into the correct category on this list as a link. Link real weapons to this list in the main wikipedia, and add your own designs to the NS Wiki. I have started with a few examples of each class. Please help me expand this list, and to fill out all the weapons listed.

There are many ways to classify weapons, so I have arbitrarily chosen to use the system utilized in my NS Nation, Kaukolastan, for this list format. Categories are organized into descending categories based upon my whim, but generally increasing in ability to deal damage. Weapons are alphabetical. You may notice the lack of a "Sniper Rifle" category. This was no error, as a sniper rifle is simply an accurate scoped rifle. You can find a sniper rifle under the category of its action (mostly under Battle Rifle or Bolt Action Rifle).

This is still in early stages, and no where near complete. Help as you can, and go to the discussion page for comments or questions.

Small Arms

Bladed Weapons


Submachine Guns


Long Guns

Machine Guns

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Magnetic Ballistic Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons

Heavy Arms

Magnetic Ballistic Weapons

Atomic Artillery



Mobile Suit