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Wenaism is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of the mother goddess Wena, who Wenaists believe returned to Earth in human form in the year 1273. Despite having over four billion adherents, it is not a widespread faith, and is heavily concentrated in the Southern Malibu Islands region, in particular being associated with Gruenberg, Wena's homeland, and to a lesser extent neighbouring Gurglestan. Although mainly known in relation to Gruenberg, Wenaist settlements do exist in some other countries, and a small number of dissident sects ostracised by orthodox Wenaism have emigrated.

The name "Wenaist" actually precedes Wena's appearance, as the mother goddess had long been venerated in local folklore, but there was no formal, universal Wenaist faith until 1273. "Wena" literally means "goddess" in Bazhtan, the language of ancient Gruenberg and of Wena herself, but was also commonly used as a female name, a practice now largely discontinued. Although Wenaism is the descendant of millennia-old tribal faiths, it is itself a relatively new religion, which will celebrate its 750th anniversary in 2023.