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Flag of Wilkshire
Motto: "Everyone for everyone else"
Region The Lexicon
Capital Vasbury
Official Language(s) Welsh, English
Leader President Paul Williams
Population 5.8 billion
Currency Wilko 
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Wilkshire joined the NationStates community on 22nd June 2003, originating in the North Pacific. After a period of establishing friendly relations with the influential members of the region, Wilkshire ran for the Delegacy, ascending to the position on 16th February 2004. After a two month stint in the Delegate's chair, the nation resigned on 15th April 2004.

Wilkshire was elected as Minister of External Affairs on 7th December 2004, moving to Minister of Justice on January 7th 2005, but resigned in protest two days later after newly installed delegate Moldavi ejected Better Times from the region. Disillusioned, Wilkshire left the region and moved to Lemuria, and served for a while in the government there as Minister of Defense.

After a period away from TNP, Wilkshire began to get involved in regional politics in July 2005, joining The North Pacific Government and was appointed Secretary of Justice in new President Poltsamaa's first cabinet.

The Republic of Wilkshire was proud to be one of the five original founders of The Lexicon, and is currently involved in the exciting expansion of this great new region.