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The Constitutional Republic of Willink

Willinka-1.jpg Coatofarmssmall.png
National flag Coat of Arms

Digital Map

Motto Absolutum Dominium
Anthem For God and Diplomacy
Capital and largest city Salisbury
  - Official
  - Unofficial

English, Willinkian
  - Prime Minister
  - Deputy Minister
Constitutional Republic
Georgios Minopoulos (ACT)
Anthony Pipili
  - as city-states
  - as Belozersk-Willinkiav
  - as a kingdom
  - as a colonial collective
  - as an informal federation
  - as republic
BC 250
AD 300
AD 900
AD 1200
AD 1450
AD 1850
 - Total
 - % water

350,935,000 km²
 - Total (2007)

5,200,000,000(Haven: 32nd)
GDP (FY2006/07)
  - Total (HVP)
  - GDP/capita (HVP)

H₤60,245.25 (Haven: 1st)
CHDI (April 2007) .989 (CHDI) – very high
GDP Growth Rate: 9.2% per annum (World Rank-1)
Unemployment: 2.25%
National animal
  - English name
Ασπρος πάνθηρας
Willinkian White Cougar
National flower
  - English name
Phalaenopsis Cassandra
Phalaenopsis Cassandra
National tree
  - English name
Willinkian Loblolly Pine
Five largest cities

Salisbury - 30.15 million
Plymouth - 20.7 million
Portsmouth - 18.4 million
Southampton - 12.7 million
Cape Colony - 9.3 million

Economy Highly developed free market economy (Frightening)
Currency 1 Haven Pound (HVP) = $2.23255 U.S. dollars
Time Zone HTC +600 to +800
National charter of rights The Second Constitution
Pronunciation (IPA) /ˌwɪlŋk/
International abbreviations
  - Sport
  - Government

Naval craft classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

Internet TLD .wk, .wot
Calling code +8
PDAS rating A
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Willink, officially the Constitutional Republic of Willink, Willinkian:Συνταγματική Δημοκρατία Θαμελανώσε, is an immense nation located in South-eastern Haven. Willink shares a sea border with the nations of Hamptonshire and Cravan. A highly industrialized and modern liberal democracy, Willink is a major player in both regional and international politics.

Willink consists of eighty-two provinces, three overseas autonomous provincial holdings, and four colonies governed by a small, highly efficient libertarian government. Willink is an economic power, a world-leading producer of refined goods, and one of Haven's most progressive liberal democracies.

The Constitutional Republic is a member of several organizations, such as the UNA, Frye Sea pact, several economic groups through Haven, is the founder of the Organization for International Economic Development, and until recently, was a member of the Sovereign League and the Alliance For the Preservation of Civilization.


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Willinkian tribes began to undertake ethnogenesis sometime near the end of the BC era, and expanding in every direction by the second century BC.


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<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">WillinkianParliament-1.jpg
A view of the Willinkian Parliament in Salisbury.

Willink is a constitutional republic, featuring the Westminster bicamaral parliamentary democratic system of government, with the Prime Minister serving as the head of state, and with his cabinent constitutes the bulk of the executive powers. Willinkian Parliament consists of an upper and lower house, the National Assembly and National Council, respectively. Members of Parliament are elected via a plurality voting system based on the parliamentary elector distric in which they are located.


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Foreign Relations

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