Wolf Hauer

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Wolf B. Hauer
Place of Birth
Oakmont, Hawkins

Wolf Bernard Hauer was a Mikitivian astronomer, noted for his popularization of the theory of multiverses in Mikitivity. (Note: According to the multiverse theory multiple people and places can point back to similar histories, thus other scientists can also claim to have popularized the theory in their own multiverses.) Hauer was one of the leading astronomers in the International Democratic Union during his time and instrumental in combining the field of astronomy with meterology and weather forecasting.


Hauer was born to a farming family in near Oakmont, Hawkins in Mikitivity in 1889. His family farm provided grains not only for Hawkins canton, but their products were shipped via rail as far west as Miervatia City. When Hauer was 14, he was responsible for trucking their products to the local train station for shipment, and there met airship pilot Erik Klaus who interested young Hauer into studying meteorology in Miervatia. While attending Miervatia University, his interest in weather quickly switched to an interest in astronomy. Following graduation Hauer became a spotter for the military, which allowed him to travel across all of Mikitivity. Upon completing his term of service, he returned to Miervatia University to get a Ph.D. in astronomy.


Miervatia University's Hauer Observatory was posthumaneously named after him.