Worcester XXVI

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Worcester XXVI

The Democratic Tyranny of Worcester XXVI was an autocratic state within the region of Lancre for centuries. During this time, the government had been passed down hereditarily from generation to generation, ruled with an iron fist by a dictator of varying sanity.

Worcester XXVI
Flag of Worcester XXVI
Motto: "Perfect contradiction is the paragon of agreement."
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Region Lancre
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Official Language(s) English
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The Annexation

After numerous clashes with the Militaristic Dominion of Dregruk over policy issues, it became clear that relations were strained at best and wouldn't hold out much longer. The final nail on peace's coffin was the refusal of the Worcester government to recognise the dominance of Dregruk in the region.

In a anti-climax of epic proportions, the invasion of Worcester took place under the pretense of a military display in the nation's capital. The display of military co-ordination ended with the surrounding of the main governmental buildings within the capital and the arrest of the key ministers. At the same time, the Dictator's palace was marched upon and its occupants arrested. The citizens of Worcester were happy to allow the change of regime, given their rising discontent with the former Dictator's reluctance to lower the income tax rates.

In the single-most efficient military campaigns in its history, the Dregruk Empire gained its first "Resource State" in a quick and bloodless attack.