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The World Cup Committee (WCC) elect the hosts of each World Cup, as well as nominate potential WCC Presidents. The Committee was established after World Cup 21 by Spaam, recognising the need for a formal codified constitution. These proposals were called Proposal 998 and 999.

Following the recognition of the requirement of updated rules and requiredments, Commerce Heights and Vilita proposed new rules and procedures which were passed by the World Cup Committee called Proposal 1093 for the Commerce Heights rules and procedures and requirements for Hosting Bids and Host Selection written by Vilita, are contained below.

Members may only be excluded from the WCC by general consensus.

Contrary to popular belief, the World Cup is actually run to a set of rules, which are subject to amendments and major changes from time to time. Spaam's proposals were grouped together, given the titles 'Proposal 998' and 'Proposal 999'

The Rules

Proposal 1093

This proposal nullifies all previous World Cup Committee rules.

Article I: Committees

  • §1. The Emergency World Cup Committee (EWCC) consists of all currently-existing nations that have hosted a World Cup, and all nations controlled by a player that has hosted a World Cup that participated in the most recent World Cup. (as amended by Proposal 1094)
  • §2. The World Cup Committee (WCC) during a particular World Cup consists of all nations that posted a roster during each of the previous two World Cups, as well as any member of the EWCC.
  • §3. The list of members of the EWCC and WCC must be publicly available.
  • §4. Should one person control multiple nations on the WCC or EWCC, those nations will have only one combined vote.
  • §5. Should one person deceive people into believing that their nations participating in WCC-sanctioned events are controlled by separate people, all nations controlled by that person will be removed from the WCC and EWCC, and can only be reinstated by a vote of the EWCC.
  • §6. When an EWCC or WCC vote is initiated by the President, a plurality vote of that committee is required to make a decision.

Article II: WCC President and Vice-President

  • §1. The WCC will nominate candidates for WCC President after every third World Cup. Any nation receiving at least two nominations will be considered a candidate.
  • §2. If there is only one candidate for President, that candidate will become the President. Otherwise, the WCC will vote on which of the candidates should be the President immediately after the nomination process. The candidate with the most votes will be the President and the candidate with the second-most votes will be the Vice-President.
  • §3. If the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties, then the Vice-President will take over. If there is no Vice-President, or the Vice-President is also unavailable, the EWCC must elect someone to act as President.

Article III: WCC-Sanctioned Events

  • §1. The World Cup, Cup of Harmony, and Baptism of Fire Tournament are the only WCC-sanctioned events. The WCC or EWCC must not intervene in running any other event.
  • §2. If two or more parties bid to host the World Cup, the WCC will vote to determine the host(s).
  • §3. A player behind a nation that has hosted one of the last 2 World Cups may not submit a bid to host or co-host the next World Cup. (added by Proposal 1095)
  • §4. If two or more parties bid to host the Cup of Harmony or Baptism of Fire Tournament, the EWCC will vote to determine the host(s).
  • §5. A party bidding to host a WCC-sanctioned event must declare, before voting starts, any significant changes from the normal operation of the event.

Article IV: Responsibilities

  • §1. The WCC President is responsible for initiating all WCC or EWCC votes, and makes the final decision on what proposals are voted upon, except when that decision would contradict a rule. The President also provides the lists of WCC and EWCC members, determines the length of any vote, and may choose how to proceed if an EWCC or WCC vote results in a tie.
  • §2. The host(s) of a WCC-sanctioned event have complete control of that event, except where that control has been given to the WCC, EWCC, or WCC President by other rules.
  • §3. The EWCC may vote to replace the host(s) of a WCC-sanctioned event if they are no longer able to proceed as hosts or if there is a serious problem with how the event is run by the host(s). Should this happen, the President must choose the replacement host(s) from available bids.

Article V: Rules Changes

  • §1. This proposal takes effect once passed by a two-thirds majority of the WCC.
  • §2. The WCC may vote to amend or repeal any portion of this proposal.
  • §3. The WCC may vote to pass any new proposal. If a new proposal contradicts an older proposal, the new proposal supercedes the old one unless otherwise stated.

Vilitan Proposal on the Reform of the Host Selection System

The Vilitan Proposal required that applicants to host the World Cup telegram a bid to the WCC president containing certain information, that the president post these bids without revealing who created which bid, allowed one week for questions to be asked, then revealed the names of the bidders and allowed them to answer the questions. The host vote was changed to require a majority of votes, with a runoff vote held if no bid received a majority of votes. The proposal first took effect in the World Cup 35 host vote, and was repealed by Proposal DR1 after the World Cup 36 host vote.

Proposal 1094

Proposal 1093, Article I, section 1 shall be struck out and replaced with the following:

§1. The Emergency World Cup Committee (EWCC) consists of all currently-existing nations that have hosted a World Cup, and all nations controlled by a player that has hosted a World Cup that participated in the most recent World Cup.

The original section read, The Emergency World Cup Committee (EWCC) consists of all currently-existing nations that have hosted a World Cup.

Proposal 1095

To Alter Proposal 1093 (perhaps 1094) to insert a new clause between Article III.2 and Article III.3 making a new Article III.3 and making the current III.3 into III.4 and so on.

The new Article III.3 shall read...

"§3. A player behind a nation that has hosted one of the last 2 World Cups may not submit a bid to host or co-host the next World Cup."

Proposal DR1

1) The Vilitan reforms to the World Cup bidding process are hereby repealed.

2) Henceforth, if no bid receives an absolute majority in the vote to choose a World Cup host, the World Cup president shall hold a second round of voting between the top two vote winners of the first round, the winner of which shall co-host the cup (in the case of a second round tie, the bid that received the most votes in the first round shall be declared the winner; if there is still a tie, a vote of the EWCC will be held to decide the winning bid).

The President

Current President: Bazalonia
Vice-President: Ariddia

Out-of character duties

The WCC President acts as something of a figurehead for the World Cup Committee, and is elected from a list of nominees nominated by the WCC. In the event that the election does not result in a majority, the two nations with the most number of votes shall participate in an auxiliary election. Should this not result in a majority, or it is not possible to get two such nations, then the President shall be elected by the EWCC. The President calls for and collects the votes (via telegram, instant message, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc) for World Cup Host, Cup of Harmony Host and WCC President votes. The President is usually a pillar of the World Cup community and is currently Bazalonia.

The runner-up in the Presidential elections becomes the Vice-President, ready to take over in case the President is inexplicably unable to perform their job for whatever reason.

In-character duties

Starblaydia has attempted to bring more of an IC role to that of President by having Simeone Di Bradini serve ICly as President, followed by Giovanni Lopez upon re-election after World Cup 27. The Current IC President is James Gaines, ex-head of the Bazalonian national soccer association, the BFSA.

Former Presidents

Ariddia, Total n Utter Insanity, Lemmitania, Snub Nose 38, Kaze Progressa, Rejistania, Bedistan, Starblaydia.

Rules for WCC President Nominations

  • You may nominate one, and only one, candidate.
  • You may not nominate yourself.
  • A candidate must receive at least two nominations to become a candidate.
  • A candidate may refuse nominations.

WCC Presidents are elected every three cups. Next election is due after World Cup 39.

The Emergency World Cup Committee

The Emergency World Cup Committee (EWCC) is made up of representatives from all still-existing nations that have hosted a World Cup at some point in the past. As a lot of these experienced nations hang around in #sport, they provide most of the discussion and ideas for World Cup reform. As such they are consulted in 'Emergency' situations when fast decisions are needed. They also constitute the old 'Host Selection Committee' to decide the host of the Cup of Harmony. Formerly, these were the only nations allowed into the WCC before Spaam's proposals, making the WCC appear to be somewhat of an "old boys' club", particularly centered around #nssport.

EWCC Members

Former EWCC members

The following EWCC members have ceased to exist, and have not been replaced by a puppet:


* These nations are both active and controlled by the same user, and hence share one EWCC vote.

World Cup 6 was slated to be hosted by Kingsford and Spaam, but RL issues prevented this from happening and Lemmitania took over hosting of the Cup. Both Kingsford and Spaam are still EWCC members.

World Cup 16 was slated to be hosted by Rejistania and Brazillico, but Brazillico began to become inactive after doing the group draw of the qualifiers and ceased to exist at the end of the world cup. In this case, the Brazillican team was still allowed to participate, but all matches were played in Rejistania.

§ World Cup 22 was supposed to be co-hosted by South Osettia and Liverpool England, but RL issues got in the way of South Osettia right after the scorination of Matchday 3. South Osettia kept his EWCC position but was replaced in co-hosting by Vilita and Legalese, who formed the runner-up bid for WC22. Liverpool England, Vilita, and Legalese continued World Cup 22.

‖ These nations have ceased to exist, but their owners are still active in the World Cup using a different nation.

World Cup 5 was slated to be hosted by Tanah Burung and Al Quds; however, Al Quds ceased to exist before the Cup could start. A single-elimination playoff was held among the eight fourth-place qualifying finishers to determine who would take the co-hosts' place in the Cup, and Bedistan won the spot.

WCC Members

As of the end of World Cup 37, the following users (puppets do not have WCC votes if the main nation is already in the WCC) are members of the World Cup Committee, having posted rosters in the appropriate threads for World Cup 36 and 37, or being active members of the Emergency WCC:

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