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Forum: Wysteria Forum
Population: 349 nations
Delegate: Flamebaittrolls
Founder: The Bruce
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Wysteria was founded on December 21, 2002, by some D&D players from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Ideally, the Region is intended for nations whose governments tend to be Centrist 'sensible shoes' or Left leaning.

The region is active in the United Nations and is uninvolved in the region crashing aspect of the game. Building a sense of online community is prevalent in the regional ethics. Thus includes: roleplaying on regional forum; competing in the rankings of the UN reports; being active in the United Nations; general discussion on the Civil Headquaters, forum, and a chat room. The region has a modern tech level.

Wysteria is a member of the Triumvirate.

Map and Geography

In its early history, activity and role playing in Wysteria took place on what is now the Northern hemisphere. It was designed and maintained by Equus, one of the founders of the region. As more nations arrived and Wysteria grew larger, there was a need to expand the map to incorporate the new nations and a Southern hemisphere was added. Thus younger nations and continents are concentrated in the Southern hemisphere while older and more established nations are in the Northern hemisphere.

Regional alliances also developed along hemispherical lines such as LONAS (League of Non-aligned States) developed that quickly became the SWEC (South Wysterian Economic Community). This in turn became the Wysterian Union when the desire to expand beyond the southern hemisphere of the SWEC's mandate.

The map also reflects vanishing nation syndrome, which affected most, if not all, regions in NationStates.

For example, the continent of Stanley which was added after the immigration of nations from the NHL region who was experiencing VNS in the southern hemisphere. Additionally, the Wysterian Territories were added to remember earlier nations who had suffered from VNS.

Northern Hemisphere

The northern hemisphere includes the continents of Saturnalia, etc

Southern Hemisphere

The southern hemisphere includes the continents of Shaharazia, Tranquility, Polarverta, Catalina, Curveda, Ayansh, Aldaron Isles, Babylon, Lyons, Isa, Serenity; and parts of the continents of Perspectif and the Millenium Islands. Notable geographic features in the Southern hemisphere include the Shaharazia desert.


Regional Alliances

The Wysterian Union

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The flag of the WU.
Main article(s): Wysterian Union

The Wysterian Union or WU is an intergovernmental and supranational union of 17 nations. The organization was established under the name Wysterian Union in August 2004 by the Treaty of the Wysterian Union. The alliance is the largest in Wysteria; in addition to its seventeen member nations, the WU has approximately thirteen associated colonies . Prominent Wysterian Union military operations include intervention in Nephia, anti-terrorist operations in Teneria, and the Caphtorian-Munishan War. The WU is also famous for its Partnership for Prosperity Programme (PfP), a free trade program that extends into the entire triumvirate.

Super Powers


Early History

Vanishing Nations

Invisionfree Server Crash

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