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Flag of Wzzt
Motto: "Whazzit Wzzt? Isit Wazzit? No, itis Wzzt!"
Region Charis
Capital Cathalia
Official Language(s) English
Leader Darren Jacobs
Population 962,000,000
Currency Whazzit 
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General Information



President: Darren Jacobs
Vice President: Gregory Cuoro

Department Heads

Secretary of Defense: Alex Tilona
Secretary of Domestic Affairs: Edward Opplen
Secretary of Finance: Selena Dibari
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Norman Sulser
Secretary of Transportation: Margaret Fuller


Ancient History

Recent findings have led archaeologists to believe that the great Virundas Desert in the middle of Wzzt was actually a large lake thousands of years ago. However, they do not know what caused the lake to dry up and be replaced by a desert.

Anyways, the earliest known history of Wzzt dates back to 2,000 years ago when various native tribes populated the land. Each tribe was named after the territory that they claimed their own. There were six tribes: the Viros (desert), Yakorona (mountains), Azavyrm (forest), Danadeos (south, Pilmona (west), and Catharnis (north) tribes. These tribes lived in relative peace with each other, but really avoided each other as much as possible.

But, these tribes would need to come together as other native people came from the northeast, on the other side of the mountains, and from the sea (not the settlers though). The tribe leaders of these six tribes met and created an alliance of these tribes, which fought against the invaders and successfully defeated them. This alliance was the earliest form of government on Wzzt.

Exploration and Settlement

About 800 years ago, a group of ships filled with a few explorers as well as settlers set sail from their homeland, the kingdom of Anatonia.These ships sailed for a very long time until finally a lookout spotted land. Everyone was happy, since they had not seen land in quite a while. They had come upon the southeastern shores of what is now Wzzt. However, they could not land their because the "shore" was a mess of rocks and other debris. They sailed east for a few more days until they rounded a large peninsula jutting out into the ocean. There, on the other side, they found a small cove which they decided would be the first settlement. They named it Cooperstown, after King Samuel Cooper of their homeland. Anyways, this settlement grew, and as it grew explorers explored the rest of the land, with other settlements popping up. One thing stood in the way: the desert. The explorers realized that this new land was made up of mostly a gigantic desert, most of which was inhabitable.

And during this time, they encountered the native tribes. At first, the tribes wanted to fight because they thought they were like the earlier invaders, but found that the technology the settlers brought was beneficial, so a greater alliance was established. Sadly, however, the settlers unknowningly brought over a disease transmitted by mosquitoes, which killed most of the native people.

Anarchy and a New Country

However, their peace was soon broken news of an anarchy in Anatonia reached the settlers. A large group of people overthrew and assassinated the king, and were attempting to create a new government. This left the settlers without any larger government, so they established their own democracy, with the Parliament and a Prime Minister. They also decided to call the new nation Wzzt, after the settlers complained about the endless amount of insects buzzing about. They also got rid of any indication of their homeland, and Cooperstown was renamed Wylar, which became the capital.

Reform and Growth

This new nation soon grew, and other towns were established. Trade and other things went on fine between the cities, although they were hampered by the desert. Soon, the Prime Minister realized that the northern city, Cathalia, was a better place to have a capital as it was sheltered more from rough seas, and was in a prime location. So, the Parliament approved it and the new capital was Cathalia. Also, this was around the time when railroads became commonplace in other nations, so the creation of a railroad system was approved. This system linked all of the major cities and towns together, and was even able to cross the huge Virundas desert to link Cathalia and Wylar.

When the desert portion of the railroad was built, people used it all the time to travel because it was easier than going around by ship. Because of this, a "pit stop" needed to be built. Luckily for the citizens of Wzzt, a large oasis, about 10-15 miles across, was about 30 miles east of the railroad line. A petition was formed, and given to the Parliament, which decided that a city should be built there. So, Anoseos was formed in this oasis, and a portion of the railroad line was rebuilt to go to Anoseos. This city grew at an alarming rate, but eventually leveled out.

About 20 years after that, the government went through a huge change, where the Parliament was replaced with a Senate, and the Prime Minister with a President. And at this time, cars became a huge thing in other nations, so a road system was built, which ran basically alongside the railroad lines.

The Present and Future

Darren Jacobs is the current president of Wzzt, and is also the 8th president. He has been in office for roughly 5 years, and in that time he has seen many things be introduced into Wzzt. For example, when the CharisRAIL system was approved by the Regional Senate, it was built as an underground railway between cities; and he also been through the revitalization of Anoseos, the desert city that has been on the decline in recent years.