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Population: 8 nations
Delegate: No delegate
Founder: Kurona(OOCly)
Magic Sorcery(ICly historically)
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Although Xanadou is small in numbers the size of the region is pretty big. Nations have come and gone though some have stayed through and through.


Xanadou was technically founded by Magic Sorcery. However it Kurona that formally started the regional boundries and gave it a name. When Because many Kuronans were fleeing conservatives, they named it Xanadou from the Chinese city of Xanadu, which almosth had a euphoric/utopian ring to it. The Kurma language however spelled it as it is spelled today instead of the literal spelling. The region became much bigger when the first map lines were redrawn to include the nations of Latsuburge and Senovia. However when both of these nations collapsed Magic Sorcery annexed them and it became the largest country in the region. Recently however the boundries were expanded to include Hataria and Kilvory, and took the abandoned region of Raging Passionate Malady. As Kilvory has now collapsed it is potentially under annexation rights for Hataria. Recently an invasion of The Revolutionary Council and members of a rogue faction of GDI took place. Despite the region's active founder, Kurona, the invaders seized control of the region's UN delegacy. The invaders are propably tolerated by Kurona because as for now, they pose no threat to any of the Xanadou nations. The nations of The Revolutionary Council that actively took part in the invasion were The Shin Ra Corp, Freemasonica and Tilburgia. The Invasion ended in faille as The Revolutionary Council was forced to retreat under threat of a Counter Invasion. A group of D&D players, fleeing oppression in thier home countries has reached Xanadou also and established a nation Wizard Coast, were magic is practiced freely.

Oceanic Features


Xanadou's climate is very diverse. Because of it's strategic positon it feeds off of both the cold waters of the Atlantic and Arctic, as well as the warm waters of the South Pacific thus giving a wide vareity of climate. Xanadou's waters are known for being extremly stormy and rough. Many ships encounter small or large storms on a day-to-day basis.
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">storm2.jpg
A Kuronan Ship caught in a Storm
</div> Northern regions of Xanadou will recive heavy snow, while Southern will recive more temprate and moderate tempratures, sometimes they will recive year-round warm weather. Xanadou's greatest mystery however is how the mysterious massive storm front locked over Kurona. (See: Kuronan Storm Crisis) something to that extent hasn't happend since but many fear it may happen again.

Marine Life

Xanadou is known for it's abundence of trout lobster and other marine life. However it's stronly known for it's lack of sharks.(Save for Near Hataria, where it is worshiped as a God) Much of this is due to the works of Yoko Honda from Magic Sorcery. When her small daughter was attacked and killed by a shark she called for shark hunters to patroll the beaches. She was cleverly known as Shark Hunter Honda and virtually eliminated the sharks in the Xanadou sea. Because of the lack of predators this might explain the huge abundence of trout and other fish. It isn't known whether the ecosystem has truly adapted or is struggling. But the lack of sharks is a relife for Kuronan and Magic Sorcery fishers.

When ever my family and I fish in the Xanadouien Sea, we only have to worry about the weather. We battle it out with harsh storms and winds but never with dangerous marine life such as sharks. When my children swim I don't have to worry that they may be attacked. And I don't either. Kyoko Taisen-Kuronan Fisher
Lobster is an abundent treat. Because it's so common it's easy to extact and is on many dinner tables through the region.

Regional Government

Although Magic Sorcery is the largest country in the region, regional controll really falls on Kurona. Though much of the region is automonus and self providing. Kurona usually does a quadmontly Naval tour of the oceans to ensure the region is safe. They use this time to sweep piracy or terrorist cells. They also do geographical and gelogical surveys as well as metorlogical. As of the recent invasion, GDI soldiers patrol the streets to ensure public safety and prevent unrest against the occupation. While UN Delegacy has been seized, the region's native nations maintain power through the active founder Kurona. GDI patrols regularly drop messages to individual nations in the region to study their opinion of the occupation.

The GDI nations and their allies were Destroyed and diven out of The region and Kurona has retaken Control