Yafor 2

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Yafor 2
Flag of Yafor 2
Motto: "In peace do we stand; it is in war that we fall."
Yafor 2
Region A Modern World
Capital Ajer
Official Language(s) English,Hindi,Jakallan
Leader Rudiv Sodo
Population Over 2 billion
Currency Mulc 
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Yafor 2 - An Overview

The winter strikes fast and swift, sometimes in the form of man and sometimes in the form of weather. The cool summer air is hot but not humid, a peaceful, relaxing, place for many. Many have resorts here, though the amount has been lessened due to recent national conflicts. It's people lean towards capitalism, and yet practice armchair socialism. They have many government and NGO peace organizations, and yet they have a strong navy. In many ways, Yafor 2 is a land of opposites, of different ideals. In many ways, Yafor 2 is an enigma of a nation, a strange land which can be a dream or a nightmare..

The Culture of Yafor 2

The culture of Yafor 2 is a unique blend, a hybrid some call it, of many cultures throughout the history of the world. Via outstanding melting, these cultures have united to form a single identity, and identity so thoroughly mixed that it can only be called "Yaforite".

The People of Yafor 2

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