Yaforite-Generian War

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Yaforite-Generian War Summary
Date: October 2005 - March 2006
Locations: Southern Generia, Buchiana
Outcome: Stalemate
Casualties (approx.)
Military: Close to three and a half Yaforites, Buchianans, and Generians dead
Civilian: Over thirty-five million Buchianans and Generians dead
Total: Over thirty-eight million dead
Main Participants
Yafor 2 and supporters Generic empire and supporters
Yafor 2

Generic empire

The Yaforite-Generian War was a war between the nations of Yafor 2 and Generic empire. Called the "War of the Wolves" in Yafor 2, while known as the "War of Yaforite Aggression" in Generic empire, it was a brutal affair, with millions on each side dying. It had its roots in the ancestral hatred between both sides, it was fueled by miscalculations by each leaders, and when both sides were thrown into war, neither side was ready for it. In the end, the Yaforite-Generian was devolved into a harsh stalemate in the heart of winter, where men on both sides stared at each other from their respective trenches. It was a war that is remembered in both nations as a war to be remembered and forgotten, both for many reasons.

The Roots of the Conflict

Rodenko Krutz and "Operation: Deadfox"

It was in early September of 2005 when a Yaforite special agent, nicknamed "Snake 11", working on an undercover operation in Ajer, uncovered a man known to Yaforite authorities as a Generian spy. This was Rodenko Krutz and, after he underwent serious torture by Yaforite officials, he began to claim that he was a Generian working on an operation in Yafor 2. Both countries had had disagreements in the past, and with the animosity between both sides, this explanation made very much sense to the Yaforite officials, who promptly continued their torture of Krutz, looking to find more information about the Generian operation. They quickly uncovered a supposed plot to take out Yaforite power supplies and began a diplomatic blitz.

This operation was codenamed "Operation: Deadfox", and briefs provided by Rodenko Krutz seemed to indicate that the operation was far more widespread than it had first seemed. What had once been simply a move to cut off power supplies for a few hours quickly morphed into a vast conspiracy to sabotage over 50% of Yafor 2's power supplies for an unspecified period of time. It also included plans to destroy all thirty four nuclear reactors powering Yafor 2 at the time, and, as a result, Yafor 2 wasted no time in denouncing these so-called "Generian plots".

In Sofia, Generia, General Nikit Vrantasha, leader of the military junta ruling Generia, reacted firmly, denying all affiliation with Rodenko Krutz. A diplomatic exchange of letters began between the two countries, ending in the Yaforite statements that "If an event such as this occurs again, the repercussion will be war.". These words would turn out to be very dangerous words, indeed.

The Overthrow of the Military Junta and Captain Jose Albertan

As September began to age, Generia was in an uproar. Emperor Kazatmiru of the Generian Imperial Line, as well as various others had overthrown the military junta of Nikit Vrantasha, defeating his forces in a massive battle outside Generia City. Kazatmiru, along with his Director of Imperial Intelligence, Issac Andropov, were shaken by the news that they had heard regarding the Yaforites. Neither knew what to do - neither knew if the allegations about Rodenko Krutz were true, but they quickly sent letters to the Yaforite Foreign Ministry, stating that they knew nothing about these events.

However, several forces of the military junta had escaped in a number of small submarines. The Generian forces were on high alert for a group of submarines of about the same size. At the same time, a Yaforite convoy carrying Pacitalian refrigerators was off Generian coastal waters - protected by a Yaforite wolfpack of submarines under the command of Captain Jose Albertan. As the wolfpack was separated from the convoy, Generian forces, thinking that the submarines were those of the military junta, pounced. A short battle ensued, and then Captain Jose Albertan and his submarines were destroyed.

Captain Albertan had managed to get off radio communications to Yafor 2 itself and shortly afterwards, the Grand Democratic Duchy declared war on Generic empire.