Zànghěi Canal

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The Zànghěi Canal
The Zànghěi Canal, also known as the Grand Canal is the longest canal in Ethan Smith. It starts from the Chachtee River, through Zànghěi County and Zànghěi, out to the western coast of Ethan Smith.


The canal was first built in the 14th century by the people living in Zànghěi. Trade was booming in the 1300s, especially in Zànghěi. The people in Zànghěi thought they needed a way to send products around Ethan Smith without having to go by land around the nation.

The Chachtee River also flooded before the canal. With the canal, the floodwaters were dispersed throughout the system, easing the flood season on towns along the river.


The Zànghěi Canal, a major waterway in the Great Land of Ethan Smith
The canal has two main uses. One being goods transportation and the other is the ferry system.

One is for bulk transport to and from Ethan Smith. Since Zànghěi is a port city, it can handle ocean-going ships as well as river boats. Goods such as rice, wheat, sand, and gravel go through the Zànghěi Canal to other nations around the region. This also goes vice-versa. Goods from other nations go through the Zànghěi Canal and into Ethan Smith.

There is a ferry system running through the canal. It brings people to Zànghěi from other river cities such as Samston, Ethania, and Cornith. People looking for a job in the manufacturing industry go to Zànghěi via the canal. Tourism is also a major source of income for the canal. The Zànghěi Canal is fairly scenic and attracts tourists for the famous Zànghěi Canal Cruises.