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Zanx Armed Terrorist Army

the beginning ZATA started off as GATA, Gharakkan Armed Terrorist Army, which was established after the Zanx Invasion in Xanka. The Zanx Official Army (ZOA) forced the Gharakkans into North West Xanka, the smallest part. They would slaughter any ZOA guards on patrol or take hostage any Zanx civillians and throw them out of the area. eventually the GATA built a border between NW Xanka and the rest, denying entry to any Zanx civillians and gunning down any army vehicles or Soldiers. Merech Zanski then ordered 5,000 troops to surround NW Xanka and use siege warfare. this is what was known as the GATA siege. Bombs were fired and GATA snipers shot at soldiers from apartment flats. After a while, Merech Zanski felt sympathy for the Gharakkans and granted them their freedom. the GATA stopped their campaign against ZOA but were not disarmed. Now, feeling one with the country, they changed their name to ZATA. Their leader was President Jarak Arma.

Dancy War During the Zanski-Dancy war which was started by a threat of invasion from the then n00b ZOA, ZATA took three hundred Dancian civillians hostage in the Xankasharamount rainforest and threatened to kill them if Dancy president Justin Williams did not agree to truce. He did, and the hostages were released. Merech Zanski thanked them and granted them the freedom to terrorise in countries at war with Zanski from then on.

Chitzeland phamphlet war ZATA had a huge part in the war, arranging riots and threatening to do "much more" as Jarak Arma said. They were then detained under suspicious behaviour for one week in time for the peace talk.